I’ve gotten the F360 on my computer, I just have been spending my time learning Sketchup since I had gotten that program first. I really should learn F360.


It’s a great program!:+1:


Your time learning Sketchup won’t be totally wasted when you come over to F360 as the concepts of 3d modeling are the same. A quick one off is easier and quicker in Sketchup but once you start doing more complex things or need to tweak a material thickness, F360 stands head and shoulders above Sketchup.


I second that F360 is pretty good. Tried to use it again the other day and it was actually pretty decent. A little different than SolidWorks and Creo (formerly Pro/E). Once I got it through my thick skull that you make all the parts in one file, it became easier to use. It’s like making several different bodies in one SolidWorks Part file.

I haven’t searched for a tutorial yet on how to rotate the wood grain when you apply it to a block but the rendering is pretty cool and the ability to do CAM on it is so exciting!


Honestly, I was thinking the same thing. Map drawers.
I have a great surplus not far - University.
I have very purposefully not gone as I’m moving house in 3 weeks; but the minute I have this house cleared out, I’m going and looking for several things.
Not sure whether I’ll stock up on laser supplies first, or seek out old map drawers first.


Three weeks ago I purchased a piece of property with a house and really nice workshop. The house is now rented and the workshop is starting to come together. I don’t plan to have my GF here as this will not be a clear shop. I plan to do woodworking and welding in this space.

What's your favorite "thing" you've bought this year (that isn't a glowforge, for you who've received them)?
Show and Tell
Got Mine Yesterday (Click Bait)

That looks nice. So fighting a little surge of jealousy :smile:


@kennethclapp, No need to be jealous, I’m always willing to share with others. Stop by do some woodwork or have a beer and just relax with soaking up the country atmosphere.

I know, western Michigan isn’t exactly in you stomping grounds around San Antonio :smirk:

I really hope to be sharing this space with many of my neighbors. The shop is only 0.4 miles from my house. Easy walk, short bike ride or when I’m feeling lazy quick drive.


@Just-Maken-It, that sounds so good it almost…makes leaving Texas sound okay :wink: as me again in August when it’s 110 degrees, and I’ll probably be there :stuck_out_tongue:


That can’t be in Dearborn Heights is it? Looks further north in MI… Nice workshop though !!!


Have fun populating and spreading out in that workshop! :+1:


You’re right that’s not Dearborn. I’m currently living a double life in both Southeast (Dearborn) and Southwest Michigan. A spend the week in Dearborn working at Ford and most of my weekends straight west across the state on Lake Michigan. With only a few more years until I retire, I’ve been planning for what I’ll be doing after moving full time to the the west side of the state.

As @PrintToLaser says, it’s going to take some time to fill this workshop, but it’s already well underway after just a few weeks.


Glowforge chiller being installed…


And by the looks of the truck on the right it’s a booming business this time of year.


With temperatures pushing 120 F I don’t think they have been hurting for business.


Ooo do you have a Shapeoko 3? {Drools} …sorry! Ive been dreaming of going for a CNC for a while now but I’ll need to make GF pay for itself first. C-Beam maybe… {drool}


Dash and Dine!

It has been so warm I decided to make a roast on my dashboard Saturday. Why heat up the oven when you live in one?


Lol I was about to comment on the Borderlands loot chest, nice! Ready for BL3 next year? eeek!


I’m guessing evaporative cooler?
Put a professional unit on this house 20 years ago and the only thing I’ve done to it is rinse off the Celdek and hose out the interior.
Best investment I made for this house in terms of comfort.


I’d kind of forgotten about this thread. Which is a bit sad because I love looking at peoples work/hobby space.
Since we’ve started showing off again though.
I’m loving my new studio roof at the moment.
And the new drainage system he made for the roof.

Not sure why that came out side on.