Yellow/Amber Light Upon GF Power Up

Hello Everyone!

New GF Pro owner - Just received my machine less than two weeks ago.
Sadly, this is not a Topic that I wanted to make my first appearance in the forums…but here we are

I am getting the dreaded Yellow/Amber Light upon startup. From what I have seen here, in the forums, this is not a super common issue but I have seen some posts…usually they end in a replacement machine…

So, I wanted to post here to make sure there is nothing else that I can do, personally, to attempt to remedy this error and get back to printing (it brings me utter joy and happiness when I am printing and designing - no other way to explain it)

I will attempt to recreate the reality from just before the light, what I was doing when the light first appeared and what I have done in the last 36 hours to try and remedy it.

From the moment I first started my GF Pro, I have had no issues with it. I quickly adapted to the GFUI and Inkscape Design Space and was printing within hours of unboxing. I have done some pretty complicated wood engravings, stitched together a leather laptop bag and a couple of wallets - Roughly, 8 - 10 completed projects since I received the machine.

I am very aware of how the machine acts and sounds. During the first few prints, I could not help but sit there and watch it go line by line - completely enthralled with what it was creating. I know the sounds it makes upon startup, when the laser arm is moving quickly and even when it is cutting at Full Power.

There was one instance, before the one described below, that concerned me:
I noticed that during the print, the fan speed was varying out of normal tolerance during a print. The fan speed would drop considerably for about 30 -45 seconds and then it would peak back at normal speed for 1 - 3 mins. and then drop for another 30 - 45 seconds. I logged the time and circumstances of the instance and put it on notice (meaning if it were to happen again, I would start seeking advice and/or explaination). I never happened again before the yellow light appeared.

GF Pro Location:
Master Bedroom - Level desktop - Duct plumbed out window - 68 - 72*F - slight drizzle outside

Just Before The Light:
I cut a small piece of clear vinyl for a wallet that I am stitching together. It is the Executive Wallet from the GF Catalog. I incorporated a clear license holder for it. No issues with the GF. Removed the cut vinyl and started stitching.

First Light Appearance
After cutting the Vinyl, I decided that I wanted to attempt a test engraving on some purple cardstock paper (I have been testing various materials for engraving capacity). I opened the Lid, laid the cardstock on the crumb tray and close the lid. The image updated in my GFUI, I placed the engraving in the cardstock area and clicked print in the GFUI.

After a few min. I noticed that the GF was still “Centering/Focusing” on the cardstock. I went and checked to make sure everything was ok and it was good. I said, ok, maybe the network needs to be reset. I went to the GFUI, cancelled the print, turned the GF off and restarted my PC.

Now that I have restarted everything, I powered up the GF and let it do its normal power up routine…except this time…it was different.
Normally, it powers on, runs a fan test, you hear some clicking from what I assume to be the motors and then you see/hear the laser arm move to the “Centering Position”…
This time, it powered on, ran its fan test and then immediately throws the yellow/amber light no motor test, no laser arm movement - just a $6.5k paperweight :unamused:

What I’ve done since the Yellow/Amber Light

  • Started reading up on the Forums
    * Found some helpful Topics
  • Removed the Laser Head
    *Checked Pins and Ribbon Connector for Damage
    * No bent pins
    * No damaged connectors
    • Removed Lens and Mirror for General Cleaning
      * Cleaned Lens and Mirror using provided lens wipe
  • Reinstalled Laser Head
  • Cleaned Lid Camera with Provided wipe
  • Vigorously cleaned the Exhaust System (thinking it might have gotten gunked up)
  • Powered Down the GF and reset Laser Arm and Head to Top Left Corner (just like it asked during the initial unboxing)
    • No change - Yellow/Amber light still appears immediately after the initial fan test

Now I have emailed Tech Support - and I am aware that posting here creates another ticket # (I apologize for the duplicate ticketing. I should have started here first. Next time I will make sure to do that) - and I assume we are starting the diagnostic…

In any case, I wanted to start this topic to help provide awareness to this pesky yellow/amber light issue.

Personally, I believe it would be a good idea to allow general error codes to be displayed in the GFUI. I seems that GF support is mostly through here and general trial and error. If they allowed the users access to the error code, the user may be better equipped to handle the issue and troubleshoot without having to contact tech support unless every viable end user option has been exhausted.

It seems like we’re a pretty smart community that has the capacity to self-diagnose and troubleshoot amongst each other. All Tech Support would need to do is guide/moderate the conversations…Just an Idea

Any help/advice from the GF community is greatly appreciated.

Thank You in Advance.

Unless it’s explicitly laser safe, that’s not a good idea as most vinyl referred to nowadays is PVC — which releases chlorine gas when cut, which then mixes with water in the air creating hydrochloric acid, which finally eats up the machine. Often, the temp sensor is the first to go.


So, if that were the case…which I did not know - am I able to purchase a replacement Temp Sensor?

We’ll keep fingers crossed it’s not the vinyl that caused the issue… Depends on how much vinyl you’ve cut. But we’ve seen Glowforge deem a machine a total loss before from someone cutting vinyl and having things eaten up by H2O:HCl. They’ve said that even cutting once can damage the machine.

You are in the right spot of the forum… Starting a thread here opens a support ticket. So sit back and wait for them to respond. It can take up to 3 days but generally it doesn’t take that long as of late.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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