Yellow Button Comes on When the Head is Centering

I am stuck and I don’t know what else to do. When I press print it sends the printer head to the middle of the crumb tray and then the yellow light comes on. There isn’t an error message but it seems stuck on focusing. I have cleaned everything possible and it still wont work. I just want to cry. It seems that this machine has given me more problems than cutting time.

What does this error message mean? I get this a lot. Sometimes when I refresh my browser it works. Sometimes I have to turn off the machine and sometimes I have to restart my computer. Wondering if this error message has taken me to this new problem.

An error occurred on your Glowforge. Please refresh your browser before printing. It may also help to turn your Glowforge off and then on again.

I have so much to do and I just spent 4 hours searching for help and of course cleaning the machine inside and out. I have filled out a help ticket and included the requested pictures of everything. Can someone please help me, I just need help getting this machine to work.

That generally means a hardware error of some kind. How old is your machine?

If you want to upload your logs here, someone can look and possibly see what error is being seen. We’re just users, however - staff does not participate in the forums - so you might want to open a ticket with support as well.


From the date that you joined the forum, I am guessing that you have had your machine almost 2 years. It is possible that there is a hardware problem that Glowforge support may be able to diagnose when they review your ticket. While waiting, inspect the white cable that attaches to the printhead for any worn areas and make sure it is securely clicked into the printhead.


Thank you for your suggestion. The white cable does have a bend in it, could that be the problem? I was just going to order a new one, if that would be faster then getting a reply to my ticket, but Glowforge doesnt sell them?? Do you know where I can order a replacement?

It is not sold by GF as it is not a user-replaceable part. It requires fairly substantial disassembly of the machine.

Some persistent, technically-minded owners have managed to source one from a used machine, but it is not an off-the-shelf part - it is custom made for Glowforge.

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Oh okay that makes sense, thank you. Praying it isnt that because I have several orders pending.

If you checked everything, as mentioned above, then, it’s almost certainly a hardware failure that will require either a complete machine replacement, or a new print head.

If you are using this crafting machine for commercial purposes, I suggest you buy another, or have a back up plan in place ready for such contingencies.

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