Yellow Light Of Death - 2022

I did a print this morning and afterwards the yellow light appeared I waited 5-6 hours and its still there. I have tried cleaning the ribbons and connectors but nothing is working. Any advice?

If there is a problem with the white ribbon it will come from a hairline crack in one of the several wires running through it, then but if there is, manipulating the ribbon in odd ways will of course make it worse. The place where the ribbon plugs in should be carefully inspected to make sure the connections are good and then properly plugged back in. The yellow light indicates a problem, but there are several problems tied to it more than just the temperature of the air about it.

If you can document a screen save of the GFUI and the specific time of the incident in an email to support, they can look up the details of the log and give you more specific information.


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