Yellow/Orange Light - Please help

Hello… I am seeing a yellow light when booting the machine up. The head positions perfectly under the camera but the app shows a “centering the head of your glowforge” for a good 15-30 seconds before the light goes orange. I have cleaned the machine thoroughly, rebooted multiple time, rebooted router, etc. Nothing has worked. I’ve got a backlog of orders, so any creative fixes/suggestions are welcome!

Sounds like it might be the lid cable (which you can replace once Support gets you set up with a replacement) but there are some other things that you can check to make sure you’ve eliminated all the other possibilities.

Let them know the results of those tests so they don’t have to have you run through them again.

Thank you but that is not the issue I’m having. It’s an orange light. Regardless, all of those suggestions have been completed.

This is sometimes a temperature warning - what is the temperature in your workspace and is your machine a basic or pro?

Thank you. The temperature is not an issue. Keep the ideas coming!

In the meanwhile, still no response from support. Do they respond on the weekends?

Sometimes, but officially it usually takes one business day.

A yellow and orange are for different issues. They can check the logs, however.

That’s what I’m waiting for! It seems odd to me that the machine has one warning light that can mean multiple things, and no way for us to view the actual issue. Should be a simple feature that is provided to the user. With multiple orders backed up, I am beginning to grow flustered with the waiting for a simple log check.

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Hello @surveydan77, I see you also emailed us about this issue and we have responded to you there, so I’m going to close this topic.