Yes another post on venting

So the placement of the GF will be in my office basement and the only windows are 25" x 40" crank windows and with living in North Dakota I don’t know if window venting will be an option until my air filter gets here (negative temps). I was going to vent the GF to the dryer vent when I used it, but have seen some people have concerns about that creating problems.

So my question is would something like this filter work attached to the vent tubing that comes with the GF.

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Here’s one previous post that might be relevant:

Having casement windows, that open out, and screens that are wired to the alarm caused an interesting problem for me and venting. A 4" ID Floor Drain, a sheet of coroplast, flexible dryer vent hose, gaff tape, and about 20 minutes solved my issue. I am in TN and only open the windows when the forge is forging (which is currently in a ‘down’ state) and this seems to work reasonably well.

All for under 15 bucks, not too bad! I did this while my wife was away. The outside looks like a giant lamprey attached to the window.



:rofl::joy:! It does!

That’s kinda scary! :smile:

Thanks Greg – I may try something like that but will have to use 2" think polystyrene insulation – heading into the days that high temp will be in the teens

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I about lost it when I saw the picture after reading this. Glad I had put my coffee down first!

I have some nice rigid foam insulation I considered using. The problem is the foam is bright pink, if I had used it my wife would have insisted I go ahead and make myself a little house out of it to move on in.


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No, that thing will not work for venting indoors.

You could embrace the lampreyness with something like this on the outside…


Now that would make a nice escutcheon!

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If only I had a working Glowforge…

I have the same kind of cranking out windows. I took a spare screen, cut floor foam tiles to size (not my idea - thanks to this forum) and taped them securely to the screen frame. I cut a hole in the tile and screen and installed a dryer vent with flapper. When I am using the GF, I insert my insulated blacked out screen with vent and it locks into the regular screen locks. When I am not using the GF, the vented screen sits nearby with the hose always secured. It is pretty quick to insert and remove. A little draft comes in around the floor tiles, but it keeps most of the cold air out.

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Awww. you beat me to it.

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My lamprey… I also have to worry about the cold, so I made it removable. I simply slide the window open and place the vent each day. In the evening, I bring it in.