Yet another footprint / dimensions question (I know)

I thank you.

So it was stated back in March that the footprint space is 13" by 34"… I assume it is the same for the pro and the basic … Has there been any other updates or confirmation on the footprint now that these are shipping?

13" does not seem right.
Looking on the site the specs say:
Glowforge exterior (Pro and Basic): 38″ x 20.75″ x 8.25″ (965mm x 527mm x 210mm)

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13" x 34" is about right. Plus or minus a little. I just eyeballed the runners a couple minutes ago, without flipping it upside down for precision. Might want to make it 13.5" but can’t get close enough to the side to measure accurately. The GF itself would hang over a little but that doesn’t matter. The Basic and Pro are the same external dimensions. Assuming no Filter.

There are precise measurements somewhere on the forum. Hard to find in 184K posts.

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Did you put together an adjustable table with indeed/outfeed supports for a Pro. Have you shared a photo of the design?

No. I use a Husky Tool Cabinet

And I have a couple of these roller stands from my woodworking for outfeeds - long material is supported and slides easily.

The drawers on the workbench won’t hold full size sheets of PG but will hold a lot of other stuff easily including most non-PG stock I buy. I actually put together a couple of 3 shelf closet shoe storage shelves (from Lowes I think) that are 11.75 x 36" so I can segregate all of the different materials by type & thickness on their own shelf (or part - there’s room to put the full PG ply and the hardwood on the same shelf). I prefer this storage of primary materials because I can see what I have at a glance without having to open drawers. (The workbench does have one full length drawer that has my 12x24" sheet goods in.

Good point. Do we know what the bottom of the filter looks like? Hopefully it has runners in the same place. If it doesn’t people could get a nasty surprise as they might find their table is too small when the filter is added.