Yet another mashed proofgrade shipment

To echo the comments in this thread:

I received my second box of proofgrade materials, which was as beat up as the last. @shop is correct; the boxes are substandard and poorly designed. Please invest an extra 25 cents into boxes with overlapping flaps; that feature adds much more structural integrity to the box.

On a good note, the GF arrived quite intact with no damage to the box or missing handles!


My Proofgrade sample pack arrived today as well. No damage to the materials, but the box is a good 6 inches longer than it had to be and had definitely been crushed (lightly?) on the empty end. Also, the side flaps that meet in the center were held together with one layer of clear packing tape, and that had split open nearly halfway down the package. Inside was a double layer of green bubble airpack material that probably should have been three layers.

This was shipped from Tennessee to California.

I’m afraid I couldn’t stop to take a picture before tearing into the package like a crazed carnivore. :smile:

Again, no damage, just posting to contribute data points.




Also received Proofgrade today. Box crushed similarly though the tape did not break loose. The two short ends hold up just fine. The two long ends crush flat because the flaps are split in the center and the tape provides zero rigidity. Corners of the received Proofgrade are dinged but not enough that I lose any material. So nothing to report.

Definitely need different boxes.


Thank you all for the information! @ryan_haskell, were your materials damaged? If so, would you send photos of the damage, please?

Yep, mine too. It looked pretty much exactly like your photo, including the hole.

The box only had a single strip of pillows to keep stuff from banging around so not a big surprise the box was smushed and split.

All my materials were present and in good shape though, so no problem.

Hi Rita,

No, the materials were not damaged. That’s the conundrum - if the materials weren’t damaged, isn’t the box good enough? Well it was this time, but it was only a few pieces and I’m nervous about ordering larger, heavier shipments. Anyway, no harm done, but it wouldn’t make any sense for your supplier NOT to order boxes with overlapping flaps the next time they have to restock.

I got two PG shipment recently and one of the boxes was just like that: smashed, with the tape partially ripped. No bubble wrap inside and some of the wooden sheets dogeared a bit from banging around. The other box was smashed, but did have bubble wrap and no tape had broken.

It’s not the end of the world since I don’t cut that close to edge to be within the damaged area, but regrettable not to see more care taken since it was a couple hundred dollars worth of product.

My sampler pack came similar, but the tape on the box was broken completely open on one end. (Cold crack or poor tape given the heavy contents?) Either way, because the sample packs are all shrinkwrapped together the materials fended without loss.

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I’m glad your materials weren’t damaged and I’m sorry for the concern. I’ve let the team know about your feedback. I’m going to close this thread; please open a new one if you have more feedback or a new question.