Your all time favorite project

This is probably mine…

More pics here, plus a link to another thread with some details on how I found the limits as far as cut detail…


Ooh, I remember when you first posted this! I love the idea, and the rings to connect them is such a simple brilliant idea :slight_smile:


That looks awesome, as does your weaving. My husband made me a simple loom that I have attached to the wall. I finally finished a small rug I made out of twine from our hay rolls (messy stuff, need to wear gloves or else your hands get ripped to shreds), but haven’t figured out how to finish it off and get it off the loom! Definitely not perfectly even, but hard to do when the twine is not all even either. But for my first attempt, I am happy with it, and it’s going to be outside to help get mud off boots, and it’s for us, so it works for me. :slight_smile: I just used a small rectangular acrylic shuttle I cut on the GF, definitely nothing fancy like yours! I’m jealous!