20$ per month?

I tried searching, but couldn’t find for the life of me what date that offer started with the 20$ per month credit in the store til you get that email.

Anyone know offhand?

It was with the December 2016 Announcement.

I’m guessing that was Dec 31st and March 31st since they were the published dates.

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I believe it was with the December update/email/delay.

I believe it was Dec. As others have said. But why are you worrying about that? You should be making stuff! :hugs:


This is correct.


So no matter how I add that up, it’s more than $20 total, which is all the credit I appear to have. Am I thinking about this incorrectly somehow?

Sounds like you need to email support.

Yeah… I just thought there was a chance I’m just thinking about this wrong and I’m only entitled to $20.

Like everything Glowforge…the credits were automagically applied to the totals in the cart…at least that’s how they worked with the PRUs. But I never knew they were in there until I went in to pay for the order.*

Check the final page when you place your order.

*(That was back in beta for the store though…things might have changed since then.)

Yeah… But I got:

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Oh…yeah that happened to me too when the first order was more than the amount of credits I had on hand. I had to knock mine down by a couple of bucks to bring the total down under the credit amount.

(Don’t think i ever reported it either…it was very early in beta.)

It doesn’t do that any more…it might be a function of having a credit card on file…you definitely should shoot a note off to support. They might need to look at the link between payment info and what is happening in the store.

Yeah, I did. Just hate to bother them if I’m just being a moron. So I wanted to check with others first. :wink:

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Oh yeah, I hear that. And since I had no idea what I was doing for so long, I frequently torture myself that I wind up being the center of their luncheon discussions and Friday amusement sessions…or whatever they call them.

“Did you see what she sent in yesterday?” :smile:

(just kidding)


Thinking his original question was because he only has $20 credit and @Tom_A is assuming it should be at least $100 because of $20/month delay. As would I.


Did you by any chance already use some of your credit in your previous order?

I wonder that, sometimes, myself. “If that Tom guy says one more thing about the GFUI, I’m going to ‘accidentally’ disconnect him from it.”

Correct.[quote=“cynd11, post:15, topic:8438”]
use some of your credit in your previous order

There have been no orders.

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Don’t worry, they’re very nice about it. Guess how I know that.


Should be $80 we got the email in the same month

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Yeah… I said that to my wife last night. “We need some more :proofgrade:. We’ve got somewhere between $60 and $100 in credit.” I was pretty surprised when I saw $20. I’m not worried. I’m sure they’ll work it out for me quickly. It’s only 08:50 left-coast time. I’d like to place my order today, but it’s not urgent.


The only thing we talk about at lunch is the stuff you post publicly - anything you send to us through private channels is read for the purpose of helping you solve your problem and the company improve ourselves.