2018 Nerd-off


The only fan art of any sort that I have done was my Nebra Sky Disk box:


Oh yikes. I’ve made too many things to name since I used to make stuff to sell at comic conventions.

I’ll stick with my more personal projects, though:

Ornaments for my Patreon patrons:

The Munchkin box I made for a friend (did I mention I was an illustrator? That’s my drawing on there):

The Stargate I made as a collaboration with a friend (my mould, my lights and rig, my event horizon, his paint job):

And my Skyrim coasters:


Tap handle I made as a going away present for a buddy. Not my falcon model, but I added the handle, 3d printed it, and painted it.


@emacartoon Impressive range! I’m testing the waters with Xmas bazaars but that convention idea sounds like fun


It was indeed a wonderful life :heart:️ I ended up going back to work after 3 years of running that full time. Medical insurance is important :wink:


Alas I have not accomplished anything to even put in the competition but this is on my list if that counts


I presume you wont need a pro to cut this, just move your GF into hyperspace ?



There is also this but I have not found a big enough 3D printer.


Wonderful - thanks for that link. !



Actually a smaller version is quite amenable to be laser cut. Imagine the controls as a table lamp.





I can’t decide if that makes you an optimist, an idealist, or just an ambitious sonuvagun!


Reckless perhaps though hardly Wreckless. If I live forever I might get to half the things on the list but then if I wasn’t ,I might never have even tried this


Kree! I would love to know everything about how you made that mold. It is relevant to my interests. :slight_smile:

This is the nerdiest thing I have done so far: a Judge badge. Here is is carved out of draftboard, thin basswood, and thick basswood.

I built the badge completely from scratch and applied gradients and shades to get the relief I wanted. (You can see some variations in how the sloped parts are cut, I was fiddling with my gradients.)

You can carve really deep in basswood, it’s great… though I still don’t know how to eliminate the “laser texture.” One of these pieces was finished with a wash to weather it, the others are flat gold coats. The weathered version looks pretty nice in person, though it’s clearly not cast metal. If I could defeat the laser texture problem, you could pull that off with a better paint job though.

But I am a bad nerd, because I mixed the badge design from the movie with the font from the comics. I do intent do build a font file for the movie’s type, though.


Honorable mention!


I want to know too…I have a large piece begging for jewelry and such. Would like to come up with something fun…but wasn’t sure what else to make with it…suggestions? https://www.inventables.com/technologies/black-and-gold-glitter-acrylic-sheet


I would just hang on to it until inspiration strikes…:+1:


Put a 1/4" hole in it, sign your name at the bottom with :glowforge: , hang it on your wall and call it “Art”.


Long ago in a distant land, Aku the shape-shifting master of darkness unleashed an unspeakable evil… But a foolish samurai warrior wielding a magic sword stepped forth to oppose him.


Nice! What material is that?