3D printed magnet hold downs with engraved cover

3D printed magnet hold downs with engraved cover.

The original is here

But I used this derivative design which adds some nice hold down ledges on the side plus finger grips:


Nice! I’ve got some of those from @pubultrastar (thanks again!); I put my own logo on them.

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I created a smaller version too.

Small magnet: 3/4" diameter x 1/16" thickness
Large magnet: 1.26" diameter x 1/16" thickness


I modified the original svg because I was seeing an enclosed perimiter on the squares rather than a single line. Here are both of the svg files. To print the smaller 3D printed part just scale the stl to 59.53% (x and y axis only!)

coverSingleLine coverSingleLineSmall

I will probably go one smaller for completeness… paper holddowns.


And then there were three…