'Corrected' square GF Magnet hold-downs

Here are updated versions of square magnet holders that I had started a while ago; thanks to Pubultrastar for the inspiration to complete them. :+1:

As others have reported, 3D Printed Neodymium Magnet Material Hold Down holders were scaled incorrectly when they downloaded the files, so I finally finished mine :slight_smile: .

These work on the GF and my PrusaMK3 3D printer.

  • The Wood overlay top is in several layers so you can decide to Cut / Score / Engrave as you wish.
  • Notches and clips to hold the magnet and cover inplace.
  • Ledges on the sides that are 1/4" and 1/8" so they can be used as hold-downs at the edge.
  • Finger grips on the sides of the 1/8" edges to help identify those sides and lift the magnet from the tray.
  • I used 20% infill
    GF%20MAg%20Base%203D IMG_0369

The Magnets I used are here:


The 3D base:
GF Base.stl (231.2 KB)

The GF Top Cover!




Yeah, that looks good - I still haven’t gotten around to doing them yet. :slightly_smiling_face:


What are you waiting for! :slight_smile:
Go Go Go!

Your GF needs these :slight_smile:


Honestly, I have a little trouble switching gears these days…3D printing is so much slower. :smile:


I hear that!
I often find myself looking at the ‘estimate print time’ and thinking… Does that really say 2 HOURS?


One of the reasons I did not finish these holders earlier, was that I kept playing around with a multi-layered GF cut solution.

Maybe I’ll finish that one too, for folks who do not have access to a 3D printer.


Worse, the two hours is actually more like six…I’ve yet to see an accurate time estimate on a 3D print. Another thing the Glowforge has totally spoiled me for. :smile:


Really nice idea with the side lips as edge hold downs.


Thank you! Think I’ll run off a few of these.

Great update. These are great! I just made four. I printed at .02 layer height with supports. I also scaled the print in the x and y axis to .5953% and made 4 smaller ones that take 3/4"Diameter x 1/16" width magnets.

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Here are both versions

I modified the original svg because I was seeing an enclosed perimiter on the squares rather than a single line. Here are both of the svg files. To print the smaller 3D printed part just scale the stl to 59.53% (x and y axis only!)

coverSingleLine coverSingleLineSmall

I will probably go one smaller for completeness… paper holddowns.

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And then there were three (I have a lot of magnets. :slight_smile: )

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