A Laser Cutter's Accessory Starter Pack suggestions?



Has anyone (or can anyone) who is experienced in lasering stuff compile a list of all the little things, tools, and materials that are necessary, or just plain useful to have around?

Maybe a shopping list for those about to receive their Glowforge can have on hand before it arrives, instead of fumbling through some stuff, going “D’oh!” and running to the hardware store or Amazon?

Stocking up


Yes, thank you.


In addition to the items @PFI-Guy pulled together - I use the heck out of these things:


I use these. A few more options (although the mirror isn’t really necessary for lasering stuff):


Digital calipers. The laser gods demand precision, I can’t imagine the horrors if I hadn’t bought one. Can’t really think of anything else as a stand out must have.


magnets, masking tape, gorilla tape


Those are frilly curtains to me, calipers are foundation. Hahahaha. When I started to try and cut paper it blew away because of the fan in the machine… I just slapped some used up proof grade ply on top of it and cut in between the holes. Solved. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes magnets are a nice touch too.


Barbarian! :open_mouth:

LOL, I do like my frilly curtains tho…


“If it wasn’t for Venetian blinds, it’d be curtains for us all!”