A little "lagniappe"


I was working on a simple illustration for a local client in Illustrator, and thought “Man, I bet Glowrence Fleshburne (I’m still figuring out the name, leave me alone) could sell this illustration REAL hard if I had some physical manifestation of it!”

I haven’t weeded all the letters yet, and I’m not bothering with the skull… it’s just a proof of concept, anyhow.

(I definitely need to learn how to design images with the GF in mind. I’ll probably start working higher contrast and a balance of black and white space.)


(That’s hilarious! ) Very nice engraving. Interesting word…lagniappe. I looked it up.


Is that a subtle pattern I see there? Super nice.


Excellent work!

Not sure if anyone who may be a Star Trek TNG fan has considered naming their GF “Jordy” or “Jordy GaForge” or some variation of the play on names…


Gonna name my ProForge. “BEAMER”


Not me, but there has been plenty of talk about a Jordy or Jordy-ish name.


That’s mine. “Geordi G-Forge”


Yeah, I wanted to see if a gray/black damask pattern would show up. I’d probably bump up the light areas a tad the next time I try that.


I’m just mad I didn’t think of “Glowrence Fleshburne.” ha ha. That’s fantastic!


I love that name, you should roll with it… (that is coming from someone that named his Punky Pewster) LOL

That design is sweet!


Tried it with a lighter background, drop shadow around the skull and type… then I scrubbed off all the masking with dish soap and a kitchen sponge.


That’s very nice. The background pattern really adds some visual interest to it as well.


Nicely done, this looks great!


Holy smokes, those are some awesome engravings!


Wow, well done man!


Very nice. I’m just amazed at all the detail in this so perfectly done. Great job. Very nice design.

And Glowrence Fleshburne is super.

Here’s an old topic that discusses lots of names.


Kewl design! :sunglasses:


Lagniappe is always good. Glad to see you finally got a working GF and I really like that design


i like the second version a lot more. nicely done.


Wow, that really pops!