A5 Size Notebook / Planner

I recently posted on the Made on a Glowforge category these awesome little notebooks. https://community.glowforge.com/t/wooden-planners-notebooks/50044

Here is the plan I use. Note, I use the A5 size mechanisms available on Amazon.

ALSO, I handmark where to cut the holes for mounting the mechanism AFTER I cut the notebook, which is why those holes are not included inside the plannotebook-A5-size

Enjoy! Kathy


Well, thank you kindly!


Thank you Kathy!


Thank you for sharing


Thank you!


You’re welcome!

Thanks for the file! Here’s mine!


That’s Gorgeous!

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Hi Kathy. Where do I find the file?

Up at the top of the post, right click on the image.

Can you only get it by right clicking on it? I have a Mac so I can’t right click it.

Yes you can - either set up right-click in your mouse preferences, or hold ‘control’ when you click. With a trackpad, it’s two-finger click and I believe that’s how you set up the mouse, but I haven’t used one in a decade…

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Hey there! Do you mind sharing where you found the pages for the inside? Thanks!

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The ones shown I actually printed through Outlook and my printer but any A5 6-ring page would work great!

Hey there what kind of wood did you use and was it 1/8" or 1/4"

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Hi, I used GF Proofgrade medium plywood, I’ve used cherry, walnut and maple all with good results.
Thanks, Kathy


Confused. When I open the file, it doesn’t show the entire book, only the spine and part of the book?

Its all there, you just have to open it in an svg editor like Inkscape. Enjoy! Kathy

@kathy THANKYOU SO MUCH! Do you know what you happened to name this file? I am having issues finding it in my mess of Finder!

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I don’t think I actually named it this but when I download it, the name it gives is: bd6b9db7c1506f221e425e542f943ebc24030fcd

Hope that helps! Kathy