Air filter date moved again

My expected delivery date for an air filter moved again, this time from October 31 to February 19, 2020. This is beyond stupid, are you trying to find someone who will make them for $1 each or something? Why don’t you give us the option of taking the $995, even $700 or something then we can make our own?

You can cancel without penalty, or switch to the available filter.

Dan posted an update last week in the ongoing “air filter” discussion, stating there was a production problem and they had to be delayed again.


I can’t cancel, it’s supposed to be included with the Pro.

Filter was never included. You can only order it with a machine, but it was never offered for free. (I have a pro, from the original campaign in 2015)

You can cancel and get a refund. Dan covers it in the thread I linked to.


I cancelled mine (I was a preorder customer) and I received a full refund without hassle. If you look at your order, the filter is listed separately.

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It’s been so long, I didn’t realize it was ordered separately. I may wait 6 more months before asking for a refund. It just seems that for a device that’s about 1% as complicated as a cnc laser, it could be produced in 3+ years, and with that, I will vent the smoke out the window as this textual vent is done for now.

Actually there was a period of time that the filter was not offered separately. I bought mine at that time as well and it is not listed except as a discount on both. I would have it that all the discount was on the laser, but it could be argued that the filter was free. (if anyone would like to buy one that did not then I would be happy to sell my place in line :thinking:)

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It’s not 1% complicated, it’s more of a challenge than the machine itself, despite having few moving parts. Removing toxic fumes from the exhaust is a very difficult problem at the cost consumers will pay.

Existing industrial solutions cost significantly more. They sourced a small one that is available now, but it is not ideal. Their solution claims to be a little better.


I’m so sorry for all the delays with the Air Filter! If you ever want to switch your order for the Compact Filter instead, the exchange form can be found at The Glowforge Compact Filter. If you decide to hold onto your Glowforge Air Filter order but would like your Glowforge shipped now, just let us know.