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The new compact filter option is very odd. You can sign up for them to possibly pick you to get on a waiting list for the “more available” filter. Not sure how it’s going to work and except for the beta testers haven’t seen anyone say they’ve gotten picked for a place in line or that they’ve then gotten one (or even a date for one).

To get a refund, just send Support a request to cancel your GF filter order and they’ll process a refund to your credit card. Then you can buy one of the other options people have gone with in its place.

BTW, here’s a new thread on a link to an article on laser filters


Hi! Good to see you again. Hope you get your wish…you certainly deserve it.


Just email


I second the thought.
I choose the CF filter option, as I started thinking about having to lifting the forge off to PM the filter. In my case, I decided that a floor unit was the easier option.

I packed everything up in October as we were closing on a new house. At the old house, I ran the laser from my upstairs office out through the window. Nice single hung so I was able to make a neat little shield that I could port out the exhaust.

The new house has 5’ tall swing out casement windows, so it is not as easy to make a shield. The temperatures have dropped but the basement has maintained 53°F. To cool for the forge, so it has been sitting in the office since mid-November.

I have a job I have to run this weekend, so the heck with the 34° temperatures. I cranked open the window and dropped the vent hose outside. The room is cooling down, but hopefully I’ll have everything done before the cooler temperature works it’s way into the forge. /fingers crossed/



I am absolutely LOVING the Compact Air Filter. At least for my setup, it is so much better than venting (I don’t really have the best venting setup… going out a window). I switched back temporarily to the venting system so I could cut some PG plywood (fills up the filter faster) and I detected a ton of odors compared to filter.


Were you a beta tester or did you get one via the form?


I was a beta tester. I’ve been using it since late Dec.


Based on my testing, I think it is a really good option for filtering. The noise reduction and odor reduction is worth it and it gives me the freedom to put my laser cutter anywhere.

FYI, I also paid full price for the filter just like everyone else, I just got mine a little sooner.

I am currently experimenting with adding a DIY “pre-filter” so it takes care of some of the bigger particles. I think the biggest weakness of the design is that it doesn’t have a pre-filter in it, so you are filling up the filter without having an option to buy a cheaper pre-filter.

Between engraving and cutting I have about 7 hours of use on mine, and I’m still on a setting of “2”. Most of what I have been cutting so far is hard wood, though I’ve also cut acrylic and plywood.


are we getting refunds for not getting the air filter how do I run a machine in a studio apartment with no windows and no air filter !


No. There is no incentive being offered for the filters. (If you want to switch out your filter order for this one, you won’t lose anything by it.)


are we getting refunds for not getting the air filter how do I run a machine in a studio apartment with no windows and no air filter !


If you want a refund (by cancelling your order for the Glowforge filter) you would need to send an email to

Or you can continue to wait for the Glowforge filter to be finished, or, if you are in a hurry, you can sign up for the Compact Filter now, and the purchase price you paid for the Glowforge filter will be used to purchase it. It is not going to cost you extra to buy the Compact Filter.

So you have three choices now.


and long do I have to wait for compact filter ? I want a time and date !


I waited a long time to save for this I want to use my machine !


They don’t know yet. You can ask, but you won’t get anything meaningful.

I’m sure you do. I would suggest switching over to the Compact Filter, and to do that you have to sign up in the first post in the thread. I believe those are going to be available before the Glowforge filters will. (But I don’t have a fixed date for you either.)


no id like a date please ! April , may , ? a date ? time ?


I don’t know. It’s going to depend on things like how many filters people sign up for, how long it takes to manufacture them, and ship them, and where you fall in the queue. It’s also going to depend on whether they have to hit a certain number of people signing up before they do a production run, and how many can be handled in a production run.

All I can tell you with any certainty is…I volunteered to test one and received one three weeks later. Whether that is how long the rest will take, i can’t say for sure. It might take longer for a larger run.


so your taking peoples money and not giving them a product isn’t this fraud ?


You can get your money back for the filter if you don’t want to wait, and make arrangements for your own filter.

If you don’t want to wait for it…don’t. Send an email to and cancel the filter. You’ll get back the money you paid.


ok then how am I going to use my machine with out a filter ? you don’t give and ideas or help on that I live in a studio apt in ohio opening the window is not going to work ? its 22 out side ! id like a date on when a filter will come !