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I’m sorry. I don’t have that.

Good luck making whatever decision works for you.


oh ill just keep asking till I get answer ? im not going away im a unhappy


again id like a date on when the air filters will be delivered !


Do you already have the machine?


it will be here on feb 14


Well, since you have already accepted delivery and it has shipped, you should probably read through a few of the venting solutions that people have come up with in the Beyond the Manual section of the forum. There are people using the machine in Ohio, venting through windows, using a simple board or thick foam with a round hole cut in it to vent through that work fine as a temporary measure. (You will want to disconnect the hose from the window vent to keep from it getting too cold at night or when it is not in use, and close the window.)

You should still be able to use it before the filters ship out. Lots of other people have figured out ways to set up temporary venting.


Jules is a member of the forum, trying to help you - not an employee. Demanding a date of her won’t do any good.


@Jules isn’t taking anyone’s money. She’s a member of the forum, like you. If you want to get a response from Glowforge staff, you have to email support or else post in the Problems and Support area. They don’t monitor this one.


Oh, I’ll take people’s money…who wants to send me some? :innocent: :smile:

No biggie. Hopefully she’ll find an answer that works in the BTM section. They’re worth the hassle of setting up temporary venting for a month or two.


Holy moleeds – no good deed goes unpunished. :roll_eyes:


As an FYI (another thread has been started, but I wanted to add to this one), it appears that the first production batch of compact filters have shipped - I just received notice of a delivery notice from Glowforge, and it appears to be the filter! (as several others have reported). Will provide an additional update once it arrives (Scheduled for Thursday)!


And I have received the (compact) filter! (But it’s not enabled in my GFUI, so I can’t use it.) Seems also to be the case for @cynd11 - and upon Jules’ recommendation, I’m flagging @dan so the latest batch of receipients can be enabled.


Pop a message on P&S. A number of others have had it turned on in responses being posted by Support over there.


@todd.hassell, check it now. It just showed up for me.


Me too.


@Jules (and anyone else who has one) - have you done anything to make it easier to turn on? Seems like since the power switch is on the back near the bottom, and the unit rests on the floor, the workflow will always involve kneeling down to start.

MY thinking, as long as it won’t invalidate the warranty, is to use a NON-SMART (rated for sufficient power) wireless switch / remote to turn it on / off, just like I have for my outdoor booster fan (which I will now be using much less).

Any thoughts / experience with using something like that for the Compact Filter?



Well, it’s on rollers, so what I did was attach a swivel port extension* to the back of the Glowforge, and once the hose is connected to that, I can just pull the filter forward a few inches and reach the back easily. (The extension on the back of the Glowforge has an additional benefit…it extends that narrow flange significantly making it very easy to attach and detach the tools. And it has a rubber gasket making it safer to tighten down on the lip without cracking it. No aluminum tape needed either.)

*Rockler - the Dust Right 4" system.


@Jules, Thanks for the quick response. One question for you, since I don’t see it mentioned in the manual. When you turn the CF unit on, is the CF fan supposed to start on it’s own, or is it senstive to incoming pressure from the Glowforge, and does that trigger it?

Curious, because when I turn the CF on, it lights up, and I get two quick beeps, but no fan.

I just want to be sure I’m using it correctly, since the manual didn’t specify what should happen when the power is switched on.

And BTW, your response inpired me to just rotate 90 degrees. Switch is now front, dial is to the side, and it’s easier to turn on.

Thank you.


@todd.hassell, where was the manual located? I picked my CF today, but after rechecking I only items in the box was the unit and power cord.


In the email that announced we were receiving the CF, where they said to “read the manual” it was actually a hyperlink to the PDF. I spent time looking for it too!!!