Another LaserTile with gold laser foil


I’ve been waiting to use this image with gold foil on a LaserTile. Turned out beautifully. So elegant. I blotted on some Lemon Pledge furniture polish to the black part with a paper towel to deepen the black color.




This is stunning @Xabbess! You outdid yourself :slight_smile:


I am impressed… wow! Bravo!

You have much more patience than I do. :slight_smile:


Care to share the application method? I’ve been eyeing laser engraveable gold foil. As I understand it they foil is applied (via adhesive backing) and then the excess is cut or burned away.

This is what I had bookmarked from a previous user:


Holy cow, girl! That’s a work of art! :heart_eyes:


Thank you so much!

In what way?


For starters, this is a post about the first time I tried it;

and this post has an excellent video showing two different approaches to doing this.

A search of the forum will bring up several more examples of laser foil and tile. Just so you know, the tile I used here is an actual LaserTile, which are also mentioned several times on the forum.


@rusty.tracey…sorry…I had forgotten the link to the video, so edited my post above to include it.


Aaaand the bar has been raised again.


Oh wow, this is just gorgeous! Love what you do with sparkly things.


Getting everything just so.

My favorite processes on the GF are cut, score, and somewhere down the list, engrave. This looks like several engraved required. :slight_smile:


Gosh! I’ve only used the laserfoil on wood so far. I’ve really been wondering how it works on other materials. Clearly it works very well! That turned out AMAZING!

I’m curious about the delicate parts. The “fur.” Was the weeding of those parts very difficult?


Gorgeous. Very well done.


OMG the awesomeness here has soooooooo many levels. Being a person addicted to all things medieval, this speaks to me highly! I must delve more deeply (aka bookmarked for future reading. At work and would get in trouble if i do too much here. )

@Tommy did you see this??


Fantastic job, as usual!


Looks real sharp. My current medieval project is working…sort of…as intended


Is the black what is left over from the laser foil after you engraved the material?


Wow! Stunning!


Oh…I get you now. The ‘getting-it-just-so’ part of me is in constant opposition to the ‘I-can’t-wait’ part of me. It’s definitely a mix!