Another reason to like Draftboard

So, I like to add a little color to my projects, and in making up a batch of gift card holders (my goofy family would rather have gift cards than actual gifts–maybe they don’t like my shopping and home made things :laughing:) I engraved some designs on the tops that looked a tiny bit boring. They needed some color. It turns out that Draftboard has the perfect texture/tooth for using colored pencils, in this case Prismacolor pencils. I think they add a nice touch.

I will finish off with a couple coats of matte acrylic spray to keep the colors from smudging.

The design file for the gift card holder is here.


@cynd11, All of us who will be without the company of a GF over this coming holiday season will nonetheless have renewed enthusiasm from your generosity in sending us each a PG gift card that we will be able to use once our own GF’s arrive. Thank you so much!!! This was so unexpected. You’re the best!


Bwahahahaha–I don’t think you will want the ones going into these holders!


Perhaps @dan could whip up several hundred of these quickly and send off to the international customers who are being asked to patiently wait well into the first half of the new year. And include a little something extra for the longer than originally planned wait. :glowforge::sunglasses::airplane:

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Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! That looks so much better than inking them! :grinning:

No problem. Re-gifting is always a possibility!

Amazing!!! Love it!

I perhaps overreacted here…nothing to see…move along…

I do think the card holders are Shiny! (We need a Firefly emoticon!)


??? I am not international. I am not venting. I was simply teasing @cynd11, and I think she took it that way.


Love your style.

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You did an excellent job! They’re really nice.

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oh wow. Those are so beautiful and elegant, nice work!

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The colored pencil work is amazing! What a great idea. Not lying, gonna have to steal this idea. :rofl:


Those look great. The color and your shading really add the finishing touch.

Do you think the draftboard surface would take watercolor pencils or, better yet, Derwent Inktense?


Well, as it happens I have some Inktense pencils on hand, so here is a comparison for you:

Not bad, although I prefer the creaminess of the Prismacolor.

Of course, if you use these you will need to avoid water-based sealers to prevent smearing, but I think an acrylic spray should be okay.


(Scoots upstairs to find the box…)

Got to tell you @cynd11…this might be one of the best hints yet…I’ve got a bunch of those that my mom gave me and the metallics are just phenomenal! :grinning:


DANG Woman… You can really bring life and depth to laser projects!


That’s great news! Thanks for letting us know.

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Can’t wait to see what you do with them. Consider yourself challenged!