Gift Card Holder design



Hey folks, here is the design I created for the gift card holder I recently uploaded.

Requirements: approx 1/8" (“medium”) Proofgrade plywood or Draftboard, Proofgrade veneer, four 3mmx1.5mm neodymium magnets, one 1/4" screw post (Chicago screw). (1.2 KB)

Instructions below:

Finished result:


Gift Card Holder
Another reason to like Draftboard

I will definitely be using this at Christmas!


Thank you so much for sharing this. Anyone who doesn’t get a major project from me and thus a gift card will still get a small wood project from me in the form of one of these customized just for them.


Thanks for sharing @cynd11!!!


I’s really beautiful, but I have one question. Are we sure that this design will play nicely with magstripe gift cards, or don’t they make those any more?


that looks great. if i had a suggestion, it would be to use a screw post for the corner instead of a nut/bolt. would give you a smooth surface on both sides.


No we don’t know, so best not to use this with that type of card.


Yep, I did!


missed that in the description.

so I would look at some different screw posts. all of the ones I have at work are flat on the top, not rounded, and would look neater. you could also put the screw side on the back and the front would have a smooth, flat surface.

like this one.


If you just put the one set of magnets in the lower left corner it should still close & hold and be far enough away from the magstripe not to affect it.


I’m pretty certain it wouldn’t be enough to affect them. But you could always use Apple iTunes or Amazon cards (which only use the “revealed” code number printed on back when you redeem them online !