Any news on the Laser Tube Rlacement part yet DAN?

I’m passing 2 year. I sure would like to know if a replacement tube is coming or am I switching to a different laser?.

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My understanding is that @dan is unlikely to see a post in this section of the forum. The forum is far too busy these days for him to read every post.

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I believe you can send them in and have them replaced for $500, but as for user replacement, can’t say where they’re at for that.

The answer from staff looks to be copy and pasted from the FAQ page.

Not sure why this post is hidden? In its current state it looks ok to me. Was it offensive, hidden and then edited?


Most likely someone flagged it to get Dan’s attention.


right, probably it…


Ok this is a bit petty

I added a period to it to get it to show

That’s just automated.

Someone (mistakenly) thought flagging your post would bring it to staffs attention, that’s all. The flag marks it as inappropriate.

It would be better if you’d simply included a tag for @dan to bring it to his attention.


I’m pretty sure he’s mentioned elsewhere that he gets tagged too often to look at all of them.

Contacting support is almost certainly more useful than trying to get Dan’s direct attention these days. It was different back when the forum was a much smaller place.

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Absolutely… but better than just putting in the thread title… :slight_smile:

I once tried to upload a video and that same bot flagged every post of mine that had an attachment and hid them. They manually reversed it a few days later. :rofl:

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