Anybody else get a FedEx notification for what seems to be a compact filter?

Tentatively very excited :grimacing:

Too bad I won’t be there to sign for it because of course I’m out of the country…


Yes! Delivery on Valentine’s Day.


YES!!! So Excited!


Me too. Not clear if the Glowforge is on its way with it or not.


So glad someone posted this, because I totally forgot I had signed up for it :sweat_smile: Totally came here to post about it!

Also, I mentioned this before, but my tracking is through FedEx but the email says UPS. I get the easiness of copy and paste, but dang, makes it real confusing for a sec :thinking:


Mine gets delivered on Friday.


I am also one of those that received the “golden ticket” fedex notification of the filter. I could not be happier than right now. @Xabbess thank you for the good luck wishing!


Be sure to examine your Fedex information closely. Mine says my filter will arrive in Mount Hermon, MA on Friday. Which would be great news if I wasn’t in a different state altogether.


I saw the email this morning. FedEx tracking shows it has left Grapevine, TX, current in Ft Worth and will be here tomorrow.
I will have it delivered to my local FedEx center, so I can pick it up after work.

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No email here, I guess I’m out of luck. I guess I’ll wait until Friday to see if they are still sending emails and if I don’t receive it by then it’s time to cancel the filter order and buy something like a BOFA. I can’t wait the months until another wave is likely to go out.

I really wish Glowforge would communicate rather than having us always guessing and crowd sourcing our information about what’s going on.

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Mine just jumped from April to August for delivery. You can find your delivery date or switch. I don’t have the room to switch to the other filter. This is what they sent me…

Regarding your Air Filter: We have encountered delays in Glowforge Air Filter production. We had to make significant changes to get the performance we know you want and expect.

You can find the current the shipping estimate for your Air Filter on your Account Page at

We have, however, been able to source a new option while we finish the Glowforge Air Filter. It’s called the Compact Filter, and it’s a floor-standing alternative that is designed to work perfectly with your Glowforge. The first production run is now available exclusively to customers like you who would like to receive it instead of their Glowforge Air Filter.

You can read more about it and sign up to switch your order here Jan 2019 Update (Latest)

That sounds like the response from a couple months back. 3 weeks ago the option was added to the news post to fill out a form and be on the list for the alternative compact filter. Some people would be selected for the first wave of production of that filter and as seen here they have started to ship. Even those of us that ordered in the first 30 days are June minimum for the Air Filter. The problem is there is no indication of how long the compact filter will take to ship if you aren’t in this first wave of production, and Glowforge is tight-lipped as always about this stuff. I put my name on the list for the compact filter right away because I can’t months for this. I’m at the point where I get in this first wave or I take my money elsewhere so I can actually use the laser.

I’m sorry, but they constantly wait until the week something is supposed to ship to tell us it’s delayed 6 months. Even this alternative was supposed to be available in December and only a small number are now shipping in February. It’s absolutely ridiculous that the only way we even know the first wave of Compact Filters have gone out is because people are nice enough to post it here so we know. For some of us, the Glowforge has been a paperweight for over half a year thanks to the filter issues.

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I received that response last week. Completely understand. I could not go with the alternative filter because I don’t have the room…good to know no one has gotten that one…glad I did not switch. I have a very long hose that runs from mine. I have to take it outside every time I use the laser but never had any issues with it. It worked great when mine worked. I now have the replacement Glowforge, will not even connect (waiting for a response). Such a great concept, especially for people like me who wanted to get into lasers, but I am frustrated with a unit that has less buttons and info than my printer. A live chat option would be huge!

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Nope. Not selected. Guess I need to have that heart to heart with my wife about what to do.

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Never used it, but pretty sure they have a chat option somewhere.

Other than the confirmation screen when you signed-up for the compact filter, did anyone get any other form of confirmation? I didn’t get any email about it and my account page still says expected delivery is on June 30 for the regular air filter. Just wondered if this was the case for everyone else.

I actually received my filter today. I haven’t opened the box yet but thrilled that it’s here.


They did not send out any confirmation email, which was unfortunate.

FWIW, I did receive a shipping email yesterday, and my account page also still gives June 30 as my filter delivery date. My Fedex tracking number is for a package to someone else’s address, though, so who knows what’s going on? Just Day 1,237 of the Glowforge Customer Experience.


I got the email! Stoked!

The tracking number they supplied is a FedEx number. It shows up in my FedEx acct. But I also got a notification from UPS on the same day, and has a different tracking number. The UPS shipment may be something completely unrelated, but no one in the house has ordered anything recently…

Anyway… two deliveries for me tomorrow!

I’m planning to devise a switchable vent system… leather and acrylic will go to the filter, wood will be vented outside. Want the filter to last as long as possible.


Check out my post about this.