Anyone design living hinge designs for pay?

Does anyone offer design services for Glowforge material? I have a design I want to do (not super complicated) and can’t find similar enough SVG files for me to tweak to get my vision across. I also cannot find videos to teach me how to do it myself. So I was wondering if anyone offers this service and I’d pay them for their time and the file. Thanks!


Welcome to the forum. I am looking forward to seeing what you make when you master the living hinge.

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Welcome @cayleepatenaude
I’ve been thinking about trying to make a living hinge generator… similar to the Divider Generator I posted about here:

If you think something like that would be helpful to you, let me know. Maybe I can use your use case as an example to support.


Probably. Yeah, I can find SVG designs on Etsy that have the similar build that I want. But not the dimensions I want. And I have no clue how to design my own as well as no clue how to design “notched” wood that fits into itself. For instance if I wanted to make a living hinge clutch with sides. I don’t know how to size them to “puzzle piece” together. If they makes sense.


This might get you close.


Thank you!!! I’ll try this out!