Anyone have success with selling a Glowforge that needs repairing?

Hi guys,

After consistent problems that have not been resolved since I’ve started using the machine, I am contemplating trying to sell my Glowforge Basic. It’s possible that I’m overreacting, but I am going mad from not hearing back from support. I’ve been having multiple issues and more keep adding up. So, I don’t know if I just received a defective machine. However, the warranty recently just expired. I admit fault for not trying my Glowforge until my 4th or 5th months after receiving it. I was moving and life had different plans. I was motivated to finally bust out the GF to make ear saver donations. But, literally, I have only used my GF for probably a month and a half. And, it has given me constant problems the entire time. Printing alignment has been really inconsistent. And, I’ve had to realign multiple times just for it to get to a reasonable print. I’ve stopped trying to print certain (ear saver) designs because the GF just doesn’t do them well, even if they show up perfectly fine in the software.

If you want to know more about the problems I’ve been seeing, see the following thread:

Anyway, so has anyone had luck in selling their machine? What kind of problems did it have? Or, for those who decided to get repairs done - was it a happily ever after? I am going crazy thinking about having to spend potentially half the cost of the machine to fix it, especially since I’ve never seen it work magic like everyone else talks about. So, I’m really skeptical. I don’t know what to do. I’m kicking myself for not trying the machine right away. Also, in believing that it was just “user error” because of the forums.

I know, this is more of a vent and a cry for help. Sorry, ignore me. I’m just sad that a machine is making me so frustrated. I don’t really want to sell it. I just feel so defeated.

P.S. Does anyone live in Las Vegas that has experience that I might be able to pay to troubleshoot from their own experiences?

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Have you gotten back official word on repair yet? Why don’t you wait and see what they say? Your profile says you joined in January… are you sure you’re even out of warranty?

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Hey @ChristyM,

According to my records, my machine arrived to me in November. So, I think it’s past the 6-month period, unless I misunderstood the policy.

I’ve been trying to get it fixed since April with no progress. They’ve failed to respond to my emails both recently and from before.

So, I’m just trying to gauge my options. Also, trying to figure out if I need to somehow outsource my needed prints while I figure this out.

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Don’t give up hope yet. If the problems started in April, hopefully they will honor your warranty.

Did you answer all their requests for info on your problems and support post? If so, start a new post referencing the old one and be very clear that you’ve exhausted all suggestions so far.

I’d imagine you’ll need to outsource your things whether you buy something new or get this repaired…



Yes, from my posts, I directly emailed them without a response. And, then, I’ll let it sit for awhile and turn it back on and my machine will magically work within reason but not perfect for a little while. So, I figure it resolved and ignore the fact that the support hasn’t gotten back to me. Then, I’ll have problems again soon thereafter… But, it’s not working at all now. Thank you! I’m trying to hold on because I really believe this machine is supposed to have such promise.

Do you know where I could possibly find someone for outsourcing? They’re donations - so, I’m not trying to break the bank either :frowning:

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I also think that part of the problem is that there is more than one seeming problem with my machine. So, I think more than one thing is attributing to its demise.

Not off the top of my head. Do you have a makerspace near you with the laser you could use? You can also create a post here in “Everything Else” looking for someone in Vegas. Unless they can be shipped, in which case a general call for help would work.

Hopefuly support can get this resolved for you. It’s frustrating when the problem seems to be intermittent.

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Great, @ChristyM, I will post in the forums about trying to find someone that might be able to help. Do you know generally how that works? Is there a standard rate for outsourcing acrylic cuttings? Thanks, I really appreciate your help.

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Some credit cards extend a warranty, if you paid that way.
Support should have been able to look at your machine’s logs and see what the problem is.


Did you get the automated message saying “we got your message” that comes shortly after sending them one?

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@primal_healer, the most recent email, I believe I got an automated message from Marc two days ago. So, hopefully I hear back from them soon. I don’t know if I received an automated message from my previous attempts.

@PrintToLaser, I did not pay with a credit card :frowning: Sigh, I really wish I had after reading the forums about AMEX having extended warranties. Le sigh.

Yeah, I am hoping that they eventually get back to me. We don’t have access to the logs, correct?

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We do, interpreting them is something I know nothing about. Let me see if I can find the process to download the logs. Here it is


@PrintToLaser Ah, thank you! I will try to interpret this later today!

It may not be helpful, this is from Vee at support…

I apologize for the continued trouble. Logs are stored on your Glowforge for Wi-Fi connection and initial setup details only - they do not typically provide information about errors that occur during prints. If you’re having trouble, the most effective way to get help is to contact support, so thank you for doing so. We’re already working with you via email, so I’m going to close this thread.

… “typically”.

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@PrintToLaser ohhhhh… Sigh.

I presume you have checked your spam folder for missed communication?

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@PrintToLaser Yep :frowning:

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Unfortunately (or fortunately), no. I haven’t had to do it. If it’s obviously for charity, people might be willing to help for very little, though. It’s not ear savers, is it?

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I bought my Pro 7 months before receiving it, and many issues I had were what everyone had until they were fixed. Every corner even as a light score would burn through, as the laser slowed coming to the corner and accelerating on leaving. Even a circle would have a gouge at the start and stop point.

On my first print there was not even a scale at the top and side that is there now. I had no idea of the scale of what I was cutting and complained bitterly. I was probably not the first to do so, but likely the last as that appearted the next day. Likewise getting the cut where you planned was very difficult, there was no Calibration, no set focus, and no precision placement and I would do a light score so many times I would lose track of which was the last. even 1 power and 500 speed the corners were clear even when you could not see the score for being too light.

I don’t know if anyone realized the effects of magnets on the fan and electronics, but I used them a lot and had a lot of not cutting through as a result. I made do as I could and returned the machine right after Christmas and got a basic back which had to be returned for a pro which took a month and therefore arrived just after my warranty was at an end, but it has run exceptionally well ever since and the improvements amazing compared to where it was.

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