Anyone try making a face mask bracket/frame/spacer?

I was doing some exercise this am and was having a hell of a time breathing through the mask. I just discovered the 3d printing crowd has been making face mask “brackets”/“frames” and was curious if anyone has tried something like this on a glowforge yet or has an idea on how it could be done. I’m thinking something like this:

I’m super new to glowforge but was toying with acrylic pieces at top and bottom? Moulding some acrylic with a heat gun?

Yes, there were quite a few posts about face masks along with files. Use the search function and “face masks”.

I have something like that that I use with my mask, and yes, it works fabulously. I don’t think it would work with GF materials, however, because my piece that I use is super lightweight and flexible, neither of which are properties of acrylic or wood. Also, since this question isn’t really a “problem” or an issue you are trying to have GF address and fix, I will move this to the Everything Else category where you might get some more helpful comments.

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I don’t have a GF solution for you but they do sell lots of those braces very cheaply on Amazon.

There’s laser friendly, thin flexible plastics like polypropylene and some stencil plastics. I suspect they’d be better than trying to form acrylic.

I was considering trying to cut my mask pattern into a frame - I haven’t done it yet :slight_smile:

I think bent acrylic might work quite well…hmmmmmm

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I made a number of these for a nursing home. There is no bracket, just a foam band and rubber bands, but they work pretty well. I used thin acrylic (.02) from Johnson Plastics Plus. For a quick fix, I would buy one since they are available for consumers. The ones by WeatherTech look pretty good. Covid face shield design

Thanks! The idea of stencil plastics is really great. I’ll look into that.

@dklgood I did look for other posts but I didn’t find a single one related to a mask bracket. Is there something you know of?

Sorry, the search should have been for shields - there were quite a few posts, but many of the brackets were 3D printed. This one was made on the Glowforge, and the ones I made had no bracket.

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