Apollo 11 mission commemorative shadowbox


@hansepe and I collaborated together on a space themed shadowbox about the same time as the Apollo 11 mission 50th Anniversary. We couldn’t resist. There is more in the works, but here is the first freebie. It’s made with 6 layers of proofgrade materials, both wood and acrylic. (Sorry, photo doesn’t do it justice. The black and clear acrylic layers make it very shiny, especially illuminated).


  • use no fog glue for the acrylic layers
  • careful weeding the flag - it could easily break

7" width version - each frame separately laid out with material suggestions
Make sure you set the NASA logo part that is not engrave, to score. Print respective layers on each sheet meanwhile deleting the other pieces. Then use the back button the restore to show all and repeat with another layer and another piece of proofgrade.

For personal use only as per forum rules!

shadowbox apollo11 7".svg.zip (292.1 KB)

8" width version is a file with the 6 layers on top of one another with fill colors. For those of you who want to resize the entire shadowbox. Open all layers; highlight the lot; lock H and W, and resize.

shadowbox apollo11 8".svg.zip (44.9 KB)

Thanks to NASA not only for spearheading so many missions into space, but for also providing a huge treasure trove of materials in the public domain:


What a fantastic collaboration! Great job you two! (And thanks for sharing it…I might have to make one for hubs, he actually watched the first moon landing.)


I remember staying up with my dad watching a grainy b&w TV. Wanted them to hop out of the LEM “now”. Couldn’t understand what they were waiting for. Stayed up for the full first walk too.


We didn’t have tv yet, so we happened to be at a theme park and watched it there with many people.


I got sent to bed. (Total mistake that I’ll forgive my folks for one day, but they didn’t think I’d understand what was happening.) :roll_eyes:


Nice collaboration. Thanks for the share!


I must thank you from the bottom of my space nerd heart!


Lovely job, both of you! I could see this hanging in the Cape Canaveral gift shop (if there is one). Thanks for the files!


Awesome! Nice job!


That is great! I love mixed material uses!

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It was refreshing collaborating with @hansepe, even though we live several states apart. What I missed in being retired - just working on my own projects, without being able to banter ideas back and forth and editing as you go along - was restored in this project. I guess sometimes I do better interacting with others and it has been very enjoyable.

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We so belong to the same club (other than :glowforge:)!!! :star_struck::rocket::heart:

There is one alright… we’ve dropped an entire week’s worth of a wage there many years ago… :crazy_face: Have been back since a few times and try to repeat the same experiment.
Thanks for the compliment!

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