Bags n such

I saw a really easy cutout for a purse last night on pinterest. When I get home I will link it.

I just wanted to list some ideas of bags I have.

-Camera packs with personalized filter holders
-Wrist enclosure pockets- think of adding a neo magnet at the end of the enclosure to keep a work knife locked when not in use
-Easy break away leather lanyards with personalized ID holders… big in the military
-Jogging water bottle hand strap with Velcro
Think side lap bag with a bamboo square laced to it. Used for artists to sketch on when they see something they want to draw.
Cell phone sleeves with belt loop, engraved or cut designs
Old fashioned roll out art pencil case and brush set made from leather or heavy denim
Dog pouch harness so they carry their own water when you walk them… plus treats.

and infinite more… all I do is mix words to create objects so there is an infinite amount I could think up.


I hadn’t really thought about cutting fabric until now. For some reason that picture made me think of blue jeans (really?) I like to make jean quilts out of our old jeans (have made 4 in the past in a log cabin quilt pattern). One thing I dislike is how jean material frays while it waits for me to get around to serging the quilt. What would the GF do to the raw edges of denim? Would it prevent the fraying? Will I be sorry I use it in the GF because it might get stray tiny pieces from cutting in the machine (IOW be a mess to clean up)? Would be pretty neat to have it cut the pieces for me as it would really make it less of a strain on my hands (whether using a roller to cut or scissors).


I’m not sure about the edges but here are two topics about working with denim that may have the answer.