Beta Software Program - Plugins or Official App

@dan, I was wondering if you guys have a beta of any of the plug-ins for the Glowforge (Specifically for AI)?
I’d love to play around with it.


Not yet. Good suggestion to get the software out early, though.


@dan Ah Okay- Well sign me up if/when that happens. Me and my husband are avid AI (and also Fusion 360 & AC2014) users- So maybe we could be of assistance.

Me too!!! I would love to beta test the software
User of AutoCAD, AI, Photoshop, Sketchup, Rhino, and some GIS software. I would like to test a work flow for importing GIS data to engrave (kind of like your map wallet @dan)

The map on the wallet came from a TIFF from the library of congress - but the bathymetric map we made out of plywood came from NOAA data. Can’t wait to see what you do.

Please don’t omit support for FOSS apps like Inkscape and Gimp. Both ecosystems support plugin development as well as making highly functional software accessible to schools and makers.


How about alpha software? That you make freely available to “owners”.

You could let users try it out, go through the pre-print process and before it would usually print it actually goes in a print queue in your HQ curated by you guys.

Then someone can decide which ones are worth printing/testing the designs/materials. That way you get to test many programs, design methods etc and get free marketing materials of having some user designed materials cut out in person for videos etc.

Absolutely not. We don’t use GIMP much around the office but Inkscape is in wide use. Both are high on our radar.

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My software of choice is Flexisign10. Will Glowforge be compatible with that software as well?

You can drag your design into the GF client so any unsupported softwares can easily upload the designs into GF. png, svg, pdf, tiff etc.

What about tablets? Paper by 53.

There will be a button to upload the design. Just like you might upload a photo to Facebook or something from your tablet

We use CorelDraw exclusively were I work, Will there be plugin support for Corel products like there is for AI?

Looks like AI & Inkscape at launch? Others (i.e. Corel) Later?

Corel is definitely in the feature hopper. In the mean time, it’s extremely easy to save as SVG, then upload it to Glowforge.

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Ah sorry, I keep forgetting there is a web component as well. Heh. Designing on the couch with the iPad while watching The Walking Dead. What a world we live in.

Actually- Wait that’s a question. Will mobile apps (i.e. Inkpad) on tablets (or phones) be able to upload vector files to the web component?

Use case. I have my phone handy and I want to cut a 80mm circle out in 3mm acrylic to use as an insert for something I already have. Can I draw the circle to size in a 3rd party app, switch to chrome/safari (whatever) and upload/use that?

If so. Whoa.

I was going to say that with OnShape you could do that. But on the iOS app I do not see a way to save or send to another program.

In iOS 9 they added the ability to ‘share’ file type with other apps (apps to other apps). But in this instance it’s an app (vector app) to a webpage (glowforge web portal)? Not sure how that would work.

I have some experience with Fusion and the AutoCAD iPad apps (123…) for 3D printing, but I am not locked in to any app right now. I’d like to find one that will be easy for my homeschooled 10 and 13 year old to pick up and use. Any suggestions?

Also, I’d like to get started with preparing some designs, is there a cheat sheet on how to format a design to denote cutting versus engraving, etc?

I have Paper by 53. There are several options to save share a drawing. I would bet that it will be able to play well with Glowforge. It’s my sketch book now.