Black wire rubbing on panel in back right corner

Hi I just set up my GF Pro today. I noticed that the laser bar was not returning to a straight position and when I’d run a job it sounded as if it was hitting something as it reached the center of the box.

What I discovered is that the black wire attached to the glass tube on the right side of the machine rubs on top of the metal plate in the back. The “plate” ends at about the mid point of the box (from front to back). That friction seems to causing the sound and mis- alignment.

I assume this isn’t normal. How can I address or fix this issue? I have a video that shows what I’m describing.

Please advise.

If you turn the machine off. Then open the lid and push each end of the gantry against the back of the Glowforge to align it, Then slide the gantry forward till the point of rubbing occurs and take a photo of it as many angles as you can, and post them here. The official staff will be along within 24 hours to tell you what to do next.


You’ve opened a support ticket by posting here, so adding the video to your post would probably be helpful for staff when they get here. (Best way is to upload to YouTube or similar and then add a link to it – the forum software is finicky about direct video uploads.)


Nothing on the right side of the gantry should be contacting anything else while in-motion. A clear photo of where this occurs would probably suffice.

Here is the video link:

No, that’s not normal. Looks like your tube might have been installed incorrectly…the “pigtail” on it should be behind the tube, but not pointing down that far. (The tube might be rotated incorrectly.)

Wait to hear from support…they are probably going to want to replace that one. Good catch.

I was afraid of that. :frowning: I’m afraid it will be weeks before I’m up and running now.

Thank you I was struggling to get my video to upload.

Yeah, quite possibly. :neutral_face:

Maybe you could spend the time creating designs or reading some tutorials…then you won’t actually lose much time…you can try to get ahead of the learning curve.

Yes I have been doing that for the 3 weeks I’ve been waiting for this one to arrive. I have wedding and thanksgiving projects already to go!

Bummer! (Maybe do a few more then…you really can’t have too many on hand when it gets here.)
Sorry, that was some bad luck. First time I’ve seen one like that.

Just to be clear, this is considered an official support ticket and there’s nothing more I need to do? How long does it typically take to hear back from GF support staff?

If you have not already mastered the needed program skills this would be a great time to do so. I had not seen much more than the name “Inkscape” before downloading it and intensively playing with it for the several months that all the original signers on got theirs first, so it was months instead of years, but when mine finally came I was able to sort of jump right in better by far than if I had waited till then to start with Inkscape.

Yes, anything more said should be included here. It might take a day or so to get to your ticket till then. :slightly_smiling_face:

Usually someone checks the forum a couple of times a day, so just wait till they see this and they will initiate email conversation with you.

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Thanks for the confirmation. Thanks that’s great advice. I have been using Illustrator for years. I am prepared on that end. My biggest learning cure will be the understanding the machine setting such as how the thinkness of the material, speed, and other settings impact the process and how to estimate or predict the settings for projects. Any good resources on that?

Yes indeed… (so glad you asked!) :smile:

Learning to design for this laser actually takes 3 learning curves:

  1. You have to learn to use the machine. (Mechanical aspect. The Glowforge User Interface.) This part’s pretty easy. Glowforge has done a great job of making it quick to jump right in.
  2. You have to learn how to design files for it. This can be done in either some outside design software that you are already familiar with, (like Illustrator, Inkscape or Affinity Designer) , or you can subscribe to the Premium Features in the Glowforge Interface and design right in the Glowforge Software. It is SUPER easy to use, and they keep adding new features to it. We currently have access to all of the Premium features for free testing…it might be close to becoming a paid subscription, so if you want to test them out, now would be the time to do it, to see if you want to subscribe.
  3. You have to eventually learn a little bit about materials , and how they react differently when the laser is used. Wood burns, acrylic melts…that sort of thing.
    As you get more comfortable using the laser, you will be able to adjust the settings yourself, to cut through other things beyond Proofgrade materials that have the settings predetermined for you. This comes with time and testing, and keeping good notes at first about what works and what doesn’t for each new material that you try.

What overwhelms most new users is that they try to learn everything at once. Which would be confusing as all get out.

1. Tutorials for Learning to Use the Glowforge Interface:

  • Reading through ALL of the information they list on the left at least once is good, just to start getting familiar with where to find information when you need it… but you don’t need to memorize it, you’re going to pick it up quickly just by using the software. :slightly_smiling_face:
  • Learn By Doing : Your First Prints
  • In addition, there is a more detailed reference on it here:
  • Glowforge Interface - Tips and Tricks for Using The App
  • Currently, there is no write-up on how to use the Premium Features , but once you get comfortable with using the other features, it is very easy to just try them out…the Premium features include “Ready-to-Use” designs for just about everything you can think of, and you can create your own Cut Lines in the Glowforge App.

2. Tutorials for Learning to Design Your Own Files

These are important for learning to understand the concepts of design and how to make them apply to the Glowforge software, no matter which program you use to design them.

3. Tutorials for Working With Your Own Materials Settings

  • Working With Manual Mode
  • Another source for finding Starter settings for new materials is the Beyond the Manual section of the forum. You can do a search using the name of the Material and the word “Settings” to see if anyone else has shared settings that work.
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Hi @kim6 I’m sorry to hear you’ve run into this trouble.

As others have mentioned, that cable should not be positioned in such a way that it’s rubbing during operation. We’d like to go ahead and replace this printer for you so that the cable doesn’t become an issue further down the road. I see you’ve reached out to us via email as well, and have sent some next steps for that process to you via email.

I’m going to go ahead and close this topic up and we can finish up via that email.