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Curious if anyone uses Boxy SVG scalable vector graphics editor? I am debating getting Corel Draw, or Adobe Illustrator, OR just trying out Boxy SVG (app) to edit and create files. Would love some feedback on which direction to go…

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Nothing about boxy here, but I noticed you left inkscape off that list… if you’re not considering it you should be. Fewest incompatibility issues with the GF ui*, plenty powerful to enable you to make just about any project.

* in my opinion. Someone’s sure to argue that point with me, but the data is on my side: Glowforge actively encourages Inkscape use in their docs, it’s the go-to svg editor.


Looking at it it appears quite primitive compared to Inkscape, and much more along the ideas of Corel that is much more image relative than Inkscape I am not sure I would prefer Inkscape over Corel for say magazine illustration but for laying out 2d cutting with a Glowforge, Inkscape is the best for that IMHO. For 3d relief carving, Gimp is a needed assistant as it is for applying vectors to pixel graphics though I might be a minority in that as it is a bit more tricky to learn.


I’m an Illustrator gal as I use it professionally and it’s my go to for laser and CNC work. It is the most full featured 2d vector software. The learning curve can be steep and the cost relatively high if laser designs are all you’re using it for. There’s a 30 day free trial.

I’d encourage you to also consider Cuttle and the free hobbyist version of Fusion 360.


Co-founder of Cuttle here. Thanks for mentioning us @ekla.

Unlike most vector tools, which are designed for illustration or screen-based work, Cuttle is focused specifically on the needs and workflows of cut design. I myself have a Glowforge at home. I regularly copy-and-paste from Cuttle into GFUI. We want to make Cuttle as feature-complete as Illustrator for cut design. (If there’s any feature you’re missing, let me know and we’ll prioritize it.)

Cuttle has unique features such as live (non-destructive) booleans, outlines, “repeat” modifiers, and much more. See for example @federico’s tutorial on making geometric earrings to see how these can be used:

Cuttle also has parameters, which let you define numbers for dimensions, material thickness, or anything else and then reference these in your design (like a spreadsheet). For example, @wildparadox made this tiered organizer where you can change the size, number of holes, number of shelves, etc.

(Both of these are the same project, just changing the parameters!)

You don’t have to use parameters, but it’s something you can grow into as you get more into cut design, especially assemblies.

Finally, if you dabble in JavaScript you can add functionality to Cuttle. @bwente made this “slat box generator” that can take any shape and automatically make the vertical slats and slots for it. He used this for halloween coffin box, ferrous guy, and hex box.

And if you don’t program, others are sharing their custom modifiers like @bwente above. (see more)

Anyway, that’s my pitch for why you should consider Cuttle :smiley:

(Also happy to answer any questions!)


I’ve been a Cuttle user since last December. I think every Glowforge user would profit from jumping onboard the Cuttle train. Check out some of the other ways you’ll be able to expand your work flows here: Cuttle - Design tool for digital cutting machines and here Cuttle - Design tool for digital cutting machines.


Agree with above - Inkscape - Cuttle - Fusion 360 plus and all your needs and more are met.

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Does it /will it have a trace feature?

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Yes, we definitely plan to have a trace feature, for turning raster images (jpg, png, etc) into vector shapes/paths. Any specific requests around this or frustrations with existing tools?

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Most of the time when I do a trace I still need to “smooth” the traced object. AI has a feature to reduce the complexity of the trace which helps a bit.

I think the real advantage of using cuttle is to bring in bitmaps (scans of sketches) to use as reference and re-build using parametric objects.

In fact I was working on something like that last night.

updated: Finished piece Wave Tunnel Speaker


Just a well executed. Some don’t work so well in other programs. Thanks

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