Camera and Print area

Ever since I got my GF the Camera only sees the right side of the crumb tray.

Is the Camera frame suppose to see both sides of the crumb tray?

Also can I pull the lens out of the Print head assembly with a small magnet with some cushion on so not to scratch the lens - some idiot (me), can’t find the lens tool and they are out of stock at Glowforge

The camera should see the entire crumb tray with the exception of the area behind the gantry.
You can remove the top cover (it has the glowforge emblem on it) and the mirror (blue handle) and push the lens out with a Q tip. Just make sure to have your hand or a soft cloth below to catch it. Also, be sure to reinstall the mirror exactly as it was when you removed it.
You can make a lens tool.


Thanks for the tip on the magnets, and when people say 8th” material I assume they mean exactly 0.125” in thickness, where I will need to test my 8th” basswood ply because it measures 0.115”

This looks absolutely detailed and amazing, and being novice, a little daunting, I’m gonna give it a try.

Your material will probably work with a little glue.

@jules’ post below includes an image to makes this exception clearer!


Thank you

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