Can I add multiple projects from my dashboard?

Before I start, I have looked for answers on this and am surprised I’ve not come across anything - which I fear is more to do with me than anything else so I apologise if this is glaringly obvious and has been answered multiple times before - so, anyway, What I want to do, is to send two or more projects to cut in one session.

ie. I go to my dashboard, open a file and it uploads to the glowforge interface but as it is only a small file I’d like to add another design from my dashboard but it opens up a whole new interface as if it is a new project.

How can I upload multiple projects/designs from my Glowforge dashboard where I keep all the designs I’ve bought, onto the interface for one session on a single sheet of material?

I do hope this makes sense - I am autistic and can struggle to communicate clearly at times by all accounts so please do ask me to expand if necessary!

Thanks, in advance for your help (whoever sees this!)



you can copy and paste the designs into the same job (open one design and copy it, open another design and paste the previous one into there)

otherwise they will always open as separate jobs (as far as I know!)


Huh, that is definitely a gap that isn’t addressed in the UI itself. I can see a benefit for it, since the settings and stuff are part of your job, not just the design.

Usually I just drag SVGs to the UI, so if I had 2 SVGs that I wanted to do at the same time I’d just do it that way… but that’s not as convenient as what you’re suggesting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone suggest your idea before.


Thanks for taking the time to help - I was thinking that seems the only way but then that made me think that was just silliness!
Surely it would be beneficial to all if you could upload multiple projects from your dashboard into one session if they’re all small designs that will fit one sheet of material! especially as you can import files from your own device!
I thought it must be me being a little dim but maybe it’s genuinely NOT an option which is just crazy in my opinion!

thanks again - looks like I’ll be copying and pasting!


Indeed, thanks by the way, I thought if it’s possible to import a file from your own device then it must be possible to upload one from the dashboard/catalogue that you’ve purchased but maybe it genuinely is missing as an option which to me is nuts!

Thanks for reaching out - looks like i’m copying and pasting the long way around!

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I assume when you do it that way it doesn’t copy the settings you chose, etc? Seems about the same as dragging files into the ui, at least for things you designed in an external program?

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It doesn’t work regardless. I couldn’t copy the design and paste into the other window where my first project is. Maybe I can export the design i want from the design catalogue onto my mac and then re-upload it as a file into my interface.

Nope - I can’t do that either - I just remembered It won’t allow me to export the catalogue design!

I totally agree with this…nice to be able to cut ‘several’ designs i.e. earrings on one cut project…


It’s totally ridiculous that the (+) option doesn’t let you select another design from the dashboard, your own or whatever, but it’s been asked for many times and GF simply doesn’t want to permit it.

(… and your question is totally valid.)


Glad to know I’m not the only one!
Seems odd it wasn’t a fundamental basic option in the first place but I can only conclude there HAS to be some technical issue that is preventing it.

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It’s definitely something that drives me crazy on the regular!

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This would be such a useful feature.
I make and sell jewelry. There are great jewelry stands in the catalog.
I have a logo. It would be nice to put my logo on the jewelry stands.
I tried a bit to find a way, then I got a puppy and all serious work went out the window :slight_smile:


You could upload your logo from your own files on your device couldn’t you?

I want to be able to upload more than one file from the dashboard/catalogue which at present is not possible so you have to restart each design/print individually which is a slow cumbersome process if you want to print a variety of small designs like earrings etc.

I think you can upload your logo as an SVG by clicking the ‘plus’ button and choosing the file from your pc/Mac/tablet.

Maybe I misunderstand what you mean so I apologise if I’ve misrepresented your knowledge on the matter.

I can see where this would be an issue with catalog files; importing data to a new screen and then be able to export the artwork out.



That said. I like the idea (and think it’s an important bit of functionality). And the catalog thing isn’t insurmountable - maybe just utilize whatever software flag currently exists and makes those files not available for import.

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We can but hope it comes to fruition as they have come back to me and told me they’re passing it to the relevant team.

Still absolutely blows my mind it wasn’t a basic function from the get-go!

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It was asked back in 2017, so any day now…


Haha! Well I certainly won’t be holding my breath!

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