Canceling Pro and Filter


Needs and capabilities have changed for me and I will be reluctantly sending my cancellation request email for my GF Pro and Filter today. I’ll probably still follow the forum for a while as it gets rather addictive, but won’t be able to participate any longer. Best of luck with all of your GF projects and plans!

What Happened to Mike?

No!!! You’ve waited this long! :cry:

Well, in any case I wish you the best. Are you buying another laser cutter?


Aw man! So close! Best luck in your next endeavor!


Wow, not even a downgrade to basic!?!



Thanks, it wasn’t an easy decision in many respects, but I need something with a bigger footprint and a few other features that the GF doesn’t have. So, yes, I will be buying something else.


Understandable. Any chance to downgrade to a basic like @soldiercoleman mentioned? That way you could still interact with all of the cool people here!


I can relate. I’m doing a project now that’s got files based on a 20x24" bed. I’ve got to split it up for 18x24 for the Redsail or 12x20 (actually 10.5"x18" cut area right now) for the GF. What starts as one sheet ends up on 3 (or 4 if I use my standard 12x12 Baltic Birch blanks).


Totally understandable. I’m sorry you waited so long just to realize it wasn’t what you needed. That is the nature of life I guess lol.


Sorry to hear that…I hope you’ll be happy with whatever you do decide to get. :slight_smile:


Man, hate to see you go. Enjoyed your contributions. If you don’t get booted out of the system too quickly let us know what you end up getting :smile:


Unfortunately, I need the GF money to pay for what I will be getting. Interacting with the folks here will definitely be missed.


Yeah. It’s more than half the reason I stayed :smile:


Well you can always read what we are up to through the window. :smirk:


Count on it!


NOOO!!! Sad to see you go! If you can hold off a little longer, you could probably sell your Pro and Filter :wink:.

If you haven’t already, you should join this Facebook group, a bunch of us are in it. Glowforge User Group (GUG)


Thanks Joe. I already belong to GUG and the other GF-related FB group so I can always post to those places.


Ouch. Fully understand the decision. Pains me to think of you doing it after such a long wait.

Would be like if I had an opportunity for a round the world trip on the same dates as the Total Solar Eclipse in August. The world trip would be far better. But have been waiting for decades. Change is hard.


Thanks Jules - hope you get your forever GF soon - you deserve one of the 1st ones because of all you do for the GF team.


Yeah, sometimes one has to make a tough decision and just suck it up. The GF would probably be perfect for much of what I want to do but, unfortunately, can’t do all of it.


I meant team in the larger sense, probably should have written community.