Carriage and laserhead not moving, stuck centering

The carriage or laser head don’t move. I turn on the machine, fan turns on, I hear the clicking, the belt looks like it tries to move but it doesn’t and then it just sits there on “centering” but nothing happens. This happened today 10/29/2019. around 8:30 pm MST. I’ve checked all the connectors, cleaned the air assist fan. made sure no debris is blocking the belt. and nothing. I feel like the Glowforge was waiting until warranty was out for 30 days and it started giving me all types of problem. S.O.S. I need a solution please. Anyone has had the same issue?

Here are the official troubleshooting steps to start with:

And a compilation of possible issues over in Tips and Tricks:


I’m so sorry to hear that the trouble has reappeared. I’ll be reaching out in email very soon with your next steps, so I’m going to close this thread.