Catalog open for all now?


In the latest improvements thread, they said the Design Catalog has officially launched but I can’t find it. Is it only available for those that have the GF?



Only available for those who have a Glowforge.


Well boo. Thanks Jason. I was really hoping to see what was there for when mine finally gets here.


A few peeks at what is there.



There’s more, though they have a lot of additions and expanding to do. Some of these items have been printed and shown on the forums here.


That reminds me, I need to update my post!


Thanks. I’m so jealous. My estimate isn’t until March. I was hoping for xmas last year and then this year.


Yep. The PRU folks can’t even see it :slight_smile: No go until you get the golden email.

Although I do see some of what’s there when I order PG materials and it teases me with the thumbnails of the catalog projects that use that material.


It would be nice if those of us with orders in could see it. AND it would be even better if GF had a dummy acct where we could log in and simulate the actual GF machine to get familiar with the interface.


For what it’s worth, the postings here really do provide more than sufficient. I thought the same that it would be nice to be able to login and simulate actual function, then I hit the ground running with my machine and never looked back. The interface really is that easy that there is almost no amount of interface practice before hand that would benefit without the actual laser itself.


There’s not really all that much to do in the interface itself. 90% of your time will likely be spent in a design program. The photos and videos posted on the forum cover it all.

It would be good for Glowforge to post some good videos showing the whole process, step-by-step, though.


Thanks for the answer @jason.fuller0, that’s right!