Celtic Knot Design Redone in CorelDraw

Following up on the work of @Jules and @marmak3261, we thought it would be helpful for those of you using CorelDraw to see how the design they worked with in Some Tips on Vector Designing for the Glowforge could be created in CorelDraw. I started with a blank document and created my own version of the design trying to stay true to the intent of the original design.

Here’s what I ended up with:

You can follow along to see how I created it in this PDF file. @smcgathyfay - feel free to jump in with any mistakes you find or suggestions for creating the design more efficiently.

Recreating Jules and Marion’s Celtic Knot Design in CorelDraw.pdf (441.5 KB)


And he did this instead of working on his taxes folks, so be prepared to chip in to bail him out…chuckle!

Thanks John!


Here is my version. I used the image from the video…ignore any typos…lol

celtic knot circle.pdf (664.7 KB)


ROFL! This one is excellent too! Both of you took the design instructions further than I did in the original! I was planning to cover the other stuff in a separate tutorial on rotation. Chuckle!

I get the feeling the CorelDraw folks are not going to have any trouble at all finding tutorials down the road. :smile:


I need to stop being lazy and start practicing doing cool stuff like that.


This honestly took me about 2 mins or less. Much more to write it up…lol


Yeah, that’s my problem as well - how to phrase it in fewest words possible and still get the point across.


I have a great backlog of links and tutorials but the problem is finding the time to watch/read them all. An issue I’m expecting to be worse once our GF’s arrive


Start doing this now! I know that there will be lots of cool catalog designs available, but you will need to be able to do stuff like this if you want to personalize anything. I spend more time designing than printing, or at least while I’m printing I’m designing the next thing.

One thing is personalized name plates. I have done a few of them, so now I know the whole process of getting from text to vector cutting.

Yes, you can do an engrave of text, but at the moment you’ll have to convert it to a fill. And even if the Glowforge adds some text, it would be interesting to see if they can process whatever font you throw at it.


I can probably answer that for them…no they can’t. Not unless you turn it into a path first. That is the only way to make sure that the font you want to use appears exactly as you want it to.

(That’s a common vector design issue…there is no way they will have every single font in the world loaded into their server, and even common fonts can look a little bit different between Operating Systems.)