Ceramic Tile Question

So I bought a couple 6x6 plain white bathroom tiles, one from Home Depot and the other one from Lowes. Did 400speed at full-power. The etching came out fantastic, but the underlying surface is just a little darker shade of white. I have seen online here a few people posting tiles that turned black with the laser (I don’t believe they were painted) with one person saying the tile kind of “melted” and turned black. Any idea how I can find a tile that will have the lasered areas black?

Search for glass tiles…


i use a sharpie and then clean up the mess with a magic eraser.

i also recall seeing a place that sold tile designed for laser engraving but cannot seem to be able to find that link and recall the prices were unattractive to me.

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That’s all you’ll generally get with glazed white tiles; you have to color them to see the markings. Gkids on a Photo Tile

I’ve done some bisque tiles, and they turn gray where the laser hits, but I haven’t been able to get a full black. Bisque Tile Experiments

There is a company that makes tiles that turn black where you laser them, but their website is down right now: http://lasertile.com/


Some tiles exist out there where people got dark engraves on light tiles, but they’re rare.

And of course, there’s lasertile, but they are definitely not the cheap tiles you know and love.

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I don’t see any files attached. Can you try again?

The sharpie didn’t turn out great (I tried it) because much of my line-art is extremely fine detailed.

They linked to another post in the forum…

No files, just a link to a post I found when I searched the forum for “glass tiles”.

Nice Thank u