Class 4 laser training materials and glasses

I just received my Pro today and am new to lasers. In the manual it states you will receive an email with laser training info for class 4. I also thought laser safety glasses were included. I searched the forum and found that the glasses are no longer included and a post about someone not getting the link to the safety training but my question is simply…
Since I’m new to lasers is there anything I should be concerned about without reading the safety information for the pro?
Where can I find that information?
Are laser safety glasses necessary when using the passthrough?
Thanks for any info.
Excited to get started. :smiley:

There are some really great resources on this forum and across the internet. The biggest things I can tell you as steadfast rules are:

  1. Do not leave the laser unattended while it’s working-you’re burning material, so there is always a possibility for fire.
  2. Never laser any material unless know it is laser safe. Searching this forum, contacting the manufacturer of the material, and finding the material’s Safety Data Specifications (SDS) are good resources. There are also lots of places that sell material specifically for lasering (Glowforge proofgrade of course, but also Inventables, and many other sites). People put so much different stuff in lasers, it’s impossible to create a comprehensive list of good and bad materials, but there are lots of lists out there (spoiler alert…never, ever laser anything vinyl or PVC).

There is lots of good info on this forum so def do some searches, but if you aren’t finding the answer or have questions, certainly post and ask! That being said, here is the link to a forum with lots of good getting started links:


Basically, don’t look through the slot while using the passthrough. Don’t put your hand in there. Don’t let anyone else do any of those things, including pets.

If you search the forum, there’s more discussion of this, but that’s it in a nutshell.


Just making sure I wasn’t missing anything. Better safe than sorry. Thanks


Oh, yeah of course. That was my somewhat flip way of telling you you aren’t. :wink:


Welcome to Glowforge and the community! It sounds like you already have the manual, which includes important safety information. In addition, we’ve resent you the Laser Safety Training so that you have that, too.

Pro Glasses are not included with your Glowforge Pro, but some customers choose to purchase them from shop.

I’m going to close this thread now – please reach out by email or open a new thread if you have more questions.