Cocktail anyone? (Hostess gift)


I used this great little box by @polarbrainfreeze Renewed Optimism - Small Box

@Mike13 A Glowforge!

and huge inspiration from here ^^ to make a little hostess gift for my family’s HallowGivingBday celebration tomorrow. (Halloween/Thanksgiving/6 birthdays). Cocktails for all!

I stretched the walnut box to 6" and used matt clear acrylic for the insert.

Things to Make with Scraps
IT'S A (Delicious) TRAP!

That is turning out to be a versatile box! Thanx again @polarbrainfreeze.


It is a great little box. I especially like it becasue it’s easy to stretch to size without needing any other modification. I find the little slot edges a bit fragile and had to re-cut two panels, but it’s such a cool, classic design when all put together.


So awesome!!! :smile:


Looks great! A perfect use!! When’s the party?

It’s so cool to see variations on another’s shared design.


That really looks great. It will be a treasured gift, for sure! Love the individualized swizzle sticks!


What fun! LOVE the stir sticks!


I love that little box, too. I’ve made three of them as votive lights so far but I’m pleased to see it used in a different way. You have inspired me to become more inspired!


Great gift idea! :sunglasses:


That’s quite nice.