Considering upgrading to Pro--your thoughts?

I was really, really on the fence about getting the pro version because of the faster cutting and better cooling. But ultimately decided that for $2k, we can probably figure out how to make the glowforge room cooler if it’s even a problem. I also figured that if slower cut times became a problem, and I need to cut more things faster, then an upgrade and a second machine could be justified. Until then, it’s just kind of overkill for me.

Not that I don’t love overkill… Just that I don’t love it for twice the price.


Brilliant! :smirk_cat:

I would love to have a pro given how often I have to climb behind Zuko and change his power fuse. But it already took a marshalling of my community to get the basic glowforge into my hands.

Maybe once I finally pivot all this art-making into big stacks of moneys I’ll be able to justify a second forge.

Le sigh. Isn’t THAT a sparkly future?



I originally ordered the basic + filter, but last week I decided to get the upgrade to the Pro model. Better cooling seems like a good idea, and I’ve started thinking of scenarios where that passthrough could be useful.

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Choosing between the pro and basic models is almost as difficult now as it was on day one because there’s very little new information upon which to make that decision.

Personally, I was hoping to glean the answer to the “pro or basic” question by reading and watching testimonials from beta users. I think it would be a lot easier to choose between the two models if we had more opinions from disinterested parties than we have now.


So, while I am a hobbyist now, I can foresee many uses for the pass through option. I have preordered the basic with fan- how can we upgrade our basic to pro and what would be the additional cost to do so? Still pondering, but may be able to swing the additional cost if I have time to save up the funds before delivery starts.

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Just login to the Glowforge main site by clicking on the Owners tab. The upgrade link is on the top menu at the right end (from memory here, hope I’m right). I believe the upgrade cost right now is $1800.

I keep my house a chilly 65 during the summer. Most of my day is spent in the heat and in WV the summer averages 90’s and about 90 percent humidity so I like it cold when I get home. I debated on the pro upgrade for awhile but after @dan said the basic is going an hour in 70 degrees without any issues I think I am covered giving the temps in my home. I will definitely miss the pass thru slot but I cannot think of enough reasons to use it to justify the price. I would be lying tho if I didn’t admit I was a little jealous of the people who will have it.

Another WV Glowforge.

Yes sir, born in Huntington, spent my summers in Boone county, raised in fairmont and now back in Huntington lol

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To the questions above:

  • The enhanced optics improve power delivery and result in the faster cutting time
  • When your Glowforge is ready we’ll ask your address; when you fill that form out, you can no longer upgrade (but can until then)
  • We’re not pre-announcing anything else about prices right now

I opted pro for all of the reasons the pro is pro. The passthough will be hugely beneficial for what I’m expanding my business towards. The enhanced cooling and optics will also increase project efficiency, which increases $ per job.

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Holy wow… I might end up with a Pro.

I picked the Basic and still stand by that decision.

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Hi @cynd11,

I started with the Basic, then after several weeks of reading threads, I upgraded to the Pro. I live in southern California, and it’s been much hotter than usual. I read something about the Glowforge not working to optimal performance above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Given the crazy weather in SoCal, I feel like I needed the cooling system offered in the Pro.

I could just crank the AC, however, my electric bill would run upwards of $300-$400 a month. By the end of the first year, I’d spend more money on running my AC than upgrading to a Pro. Thus, my decision to go with the Pro. At least I will get more bells and whistles with the Pro. I am excited about the possibilities offered by the pass-through slot and faster printing speeds.

Good luck with your decision.


Since I don’t anticipate a production environment, the duty cycle of the basic will fit my application well… but it’s not like I had the option to spend the difference!

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I think they are still doing referral bonuses. Im not sure if its worth it to you guys or not, but that made a big difference in my decision of whether or not to upgrade.

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Thanks! I really should have pursued that more aggressively.

Ok I just couldn’t help myself - no will power at ALL! - and have upgraded to PRO. See too many benefits with just the pass-through option alone… Compiling lists of projects already and AM resisting material purchasing… may order some from GF once I get a ship notification so I have stuff to play and learn on!


Personally, I’m relying on my purchase history of a CNC mill when it comes to the GF. I bought a Shapeoko kit, unassembled, and put it together myself. I’m reasonably mechanically inclined, but with it being my first mill I wanted a slightly more tested solution than blindly ordering parts from multiple suppliers and hoping it would fit together. Call it old-age wisdom of knowing your DIY frustration limits, if you will. :slight_smile:

Now, I don’t use it nearly as much as I should, mostly because I live in a smallish condo with limited space (which I’m reallocating / rectifying), and it’s like running a wood chipper in a bathroom.

I don’t expect to be using it 8 hours a day, I have another day job and this is more of a sideline… not part of a crafting business. Most of the things I learned from the CNC is that it’s easy to grossly underestimate the amount of planning and design time it takes – for me in any case… but OCD is part of my charm – to get to making first cut.

I figure that if I need to do anything larger than the Basic’s hopper size, I can do it with my CNC (which is open-ended). If I want something long to be custom etched, I’ll chisel (or mill out) space for a laser-etched signet and glue it in place. Or use another medium, like stamp rubber, and transfer it.

The ONLY thing that concerns me is the cooling, as during the summer my condo can get quite warm. I’ve considered reaching out to support@ and see if a person can order extra coolant, and fashion together a small chiller if required, but I’ll wait until I see the Basic first-hand.

I also own a portable air conditioner.