Could Pro model be class I without passthrough?

I’m assuming it’s just the pass through that makes the GF either class I or class IV?

I’m interested in the Pro model for the increased speed and better cooling for throughput, but have no need for the pass through (and am worried about safety, as we do have kids in the house). Any way to get Pro guts in a Basic case? Or perhaps also satisfying the Basic owners would would like a passthrough, the case could be designed to have a piece that can be swapped out to either be a solid wall or a pass through, depending on what people need to do. The passthrough part could either be included or an extra option to buy.

You’re right, it’s the passthrough that makes it a IV. You can easily seal it up, but CDRH says once a Class IV, always a Class IV, so it wouldn’t have a different regulatory regime.

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So to that end, protective gear would only be needed if the passthrough was in use?

Good to know! So much talk about this and no one asked it like ireuben.

So just to make sure, the glass on top of the Glowforge will protect our eyes. And no super dorky glasses needed if we seal up the passthrough with someting?

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It is probably a good idea to always use protective eyewear when you are using the pro model.

Yeah…looks like I have some research to do…as much as I don’t want to have to get some, we each only get one set of eyes, so better to be safe than sorry. Any suggestions? I know the Glowforge team isn’t supposed to give suggestions, per their lawyer.

The problem with me is, I’m already wearing glasses. Going to 3D movies is bad enough already :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah, we only get 1 pair of eyes and I won’t be taking any risks.

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I wear safety glasses every day at work. It’s not a big deal. Just do a search for CO2 laser safety glasses.

I’ll definitely start with Google–but my worry is I’ll get something and think I’m safe but not really be. :confused: