Creating Cut Line on Graphic Within Photoshop

So I have a B&W high-res PNG I want to use for an engrave, and then to have it cut out. If I take the image and put it into Inkscape and draw a red circle around it (it’s a circular graphic) then export it as an SVG, the Glowforge will read it correctly and separate the engrave from the cut. But if I make the image in Photoshop with the red line and export it as an SVG, even though the GF recognizes it as a separate layer, it won’t switch from engrave to cut for the red line because “bitmaps can only be engraved.” Is there a way to make a red cutline with Photoshop and have the GF read it correctly? Thank you.

This YouTube video maybe of some help:

Correct. PS is not producing vector output. Just because the file type is SVG, does not mean it’s vector.

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Start by looking here: The Matrix - Tips and Tricks

You’ll find two good articles about creating vectors in Photoshop:


I’ve moved this to an appropriate forum. P&S is for technical support issues (although they will likely check in here now, as a support ticket was created when this thread was opened in that forum).

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Thanks for all of the information! I will go ahead and use Illustrator since I do have access to that at work.

Inkscape is just as capable for GF design work, and is free, if you’d prefer to work on designs at home.


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