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I bought a file svg off Etsy. Went to change the name on Inkscape. I’m sure I did it all correct and this is what I get. I contacted the seller and she said they never had this problem before and to contact the laser company. The file came with the word “name” and that’s what I want to change.

Any ideas would be appreciated. I did click object to path, I’ve done it without doing that , I’ve tried all I can think of . Any help would be appreciated.

It looks like you’ve got it set to engrave instead of cutting - but I can’t see that part of your GFUI. If yes,then try switching it to cut and see if it works anyway.

Did you remember to convert your text to curves before exporting to SVG?

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Is that listed under text as an option? It isn’t for me.

I don’t use Inkscape, but this tutorial @jules made should help you figure it out:

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It won’t even give me the option to change them.

Yes I’ve done that. Think my mistake might be in the removal of “name “ . That has to be removed prior to typing.

You need to select your material in the upper left corner, then click on the icons on the left of the screen and select the operations you want.

I can’t . All of the elements stay the same. It should split up engrave and cut but it won’t.

Oh, then you need to make them different colors in your design software. Have you worked through the “first cuts” tutorials? They’re really helpful for getting past these sorts of details. :slight_smile:


Yes. But I’ll look ok through them again

All of your lines look to be black. The GF uses color to differentiate between operations. You need to make your cuts one color, and your engraves another.


this is my svg. Both colors are set to stroke. I want the red to cut and the pink to engrave . Do I need to do something prior to saving it. I’ve done object to path then save. It won’t group then and it lumps them into one so I have no way to engrave and cut only to do one. I’ve never had such a simple svg give me such a problem. Every one that I’ve done prior it’s all set up I can alter the text and it splits up the engrave and cut

Be sure the words don’t have an outline on them, just a fill. After that, you should be set.

Ok I’m going to give it a go tomorrow. I work in special educational life skills with 5/6 year olds so I need to get some shut eye. Thank you all so much! I’ll let you know how it goes . The lady I bought it from is also trying to help :blush:


As mentioned, this is the error you get when text has not been converted to curves. It use to just not show the lettering and I am not sure why they didn’t just keep it that way.

Just change the text to curves in your art program (not much you can do about it from inside the glowforge UI) and plug it back into the glowforge.
Unsure of your art program parameters, but you can look for doing it automatically like below which pops up in the Save As - SVG options box in Corel.

Did that this morning and it didn’t change

Yes I’m using Inkscape and I don’t get the box or any box to save it to curve. I’ve looked it up online with no real answer. I have Adobe illustrator and have yet to learn it because I was more familiar with Inkscape. Guess I have to now. Ugh very frustrating but I’m they type of person I’ll stay at it until I get it.

What’s the learning curve in Corel ? I’m curious because you can no longer buy Adobe it’s a monthly rental and I’d rather have the option of owning a program to learn and own outright. I want to make simple things and edit svg like this one.

I did it yay!!! Getting up at 4am paid off. I was doing object to path and I need to do text to path in inkscape . thanks all for the help.

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