Cutting 100% wool felt smells!

Does anyone have a good solution to getting rid of “burnt hair smell” when cutting 100% wool felt? I’ve tried putting the pieces in baking soda and letting sit overnight. Still stinks! Have also tried putting lemon essential oil on a felt pad and putting it with the pieces. That doesn’t seem to work well either!


I’ve never done felt before but in general a couple of days in the sun will remove a lot of odors.

If you want to go higher tech there are ozone-based odor removal solutions.

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Is washing it out of the question?

Maybe @phoenix is still around and has pointers?


Burning wool smells like you were burning sheep? Amazing! I would experiment with hand sanitizer or isopropyl alcohol as that would dissolve most of the chemicals and leaving it in the fresh air will quickly get rid of the rest.

Pulling air through it and activated charcoal will have a similar effect without smelling up anything around it.


I am not sure how applicable my experiences are to what you are doing but:

Make sure you are using the minimum settings needed to cut the felt in order to minimize char. It’s worth doing a materials test.

Sand some char off the edges with fine sand paper, a sanding sponge or emery board.

Wash, if it won’t destroy the piece. Felt is more resilient to washing than people sometimes expect.

I have noticed that the smell fades quickly over time. Ventilation and, sunlight (as @evansd2 suggested) will likely accelerate the process.


Thanks for your help and the link. A couple of other people have also suggested sunshine and fresh air so will give that a try!

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Yes, burning wool smell like burning sheep or burnt hair! Not pleasant alt all! I hadn’t thought of activated charcoal. Will have to give that a try and also leave it out in the fresh air.

Thanks for your help.


Thanks for all your advice. I can not tell you how many times I tested the material! LOL!! Even with doing a multitude of tests, sometimes it still does not cut all the way through. Even on the same piece of felt! The joy of natural fibers!

To remove the char I first use a nylon brush dipped in baking soda, thinking that may help with the smell, it doesn’t really. I then sand it with a sanding sponge. I did try washing but it shrinks a bit, resulting in ununiform sizes. I am making coasters and drink markers that are sets so want them to be uniform. It seems my best bet is going to be fresh air, sunshine and time!


Wash first :grin: then cut when washed again it should not shrink as much :thinking:


I’m wondering how you know this? :grinning:


Lamb-o-lyn candles?

Hmm… :thinking:, will have to give that a try!

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Ha! HA! Maybe not like burning sheep, but more like burnt hair! A sheep’s wool is it’s hair! :rofl:

“Wash first :grin: then cut” I have seen recommended for making clothes out of fabrics that are prone to shrinking.

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Sort of like Lamb-o-lyn candles! Short story in light of Easter coming up. As a young girl, during an Easter vigil church service back in the day when it was still acceptable to have REAL lit candles. My cousin started my other cousin’s hair on fire. ACCIDENTALLY!! You do stand pretty close in church or at least when there wasn’t a pandemic going on! :joy:
It stunk!! And that is exactly the smell I remember as I am cutting the wool felt! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: