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Hi everyone! I’m sure I’m just completely missing something here but how in the world do you get this pesky little “position and scale” box out of the way?! I can’t grab it and move it to the right side of the screen and it’s allllllwayyyyyys in the way right here.

Thanks in advance – hope everyone is staying well (and sane!).


That actually comes up a lot, it’s a combination of holding down the CTRL key and scrolling with the middle mouse button in Windows. (Not sure how it happens on Mac systems.)

Instructions for clearing it out or shrinking it down are discussed here:

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Agree with you. Its a pain to work around. You can slide your view but the box is more often than not in the way. The ctrl-scroll just zooms the windows screen. Helps a little but I’m very surprised it didn’t get fixed before coming out of Beta.


Thank you. I see that adjusting the zoom of my screen does change the size of the palette itself which is helpful, but I don’t care for the fact that it also zooms my entire screen. Wish there was a way to just click and drag it to a different spot. Thank you for all of the input!

You can also just shrink the palette by clicking where the red arrow shows, hover over the palette and scrolling there to zoom that by itself. (Takes a little fiddling to get used to it.)

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I just click out of the design space and it disappears completely. I is never in my way, but I rarely do full bed layouts

@chris1 developed an ingenious work around that I use every day.
BTW, thanks @chris1!


Amazing – thanks!!! :slight_smile:

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