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I am in need of a basic name plate design. I am a newbie to the Glowforge community and would like to try my hand at using acrylic to make myself a name plate for my desk. Would anyone mind sharing a pattern or direct me to where I may purchase a pattern?

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If you’re looking for just a rectangle with a name on it and you use PowerPoint you can create one easily there. You don’t have to use design software.

What software do you use, and what in general would you like to do?

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As said,. it is pretty easy to do. You simply need to decide what you want it to look like. For example, with the name be raised form the background, or engraved into the background? Will the name plate be flat and inserted in a stand, or will it be affixed to a slanted block of wood?


It’s kinda a weird topic to search becasue everyone uses a different name for it. I know there’s been several posts about similar stands, but I’m not sure if they have actual patterns in them. :frowning: Here’s a few quick examples though. A lot of them use a simple slot design for the base,
I’m not sure if it will help, but if you come up with a basic i design, I’m sure we could help you with designing the actual stand part.

One of my favorites! vvv


Hey, I just found these on Instructibles.

I made this file real quick to show one basic slot method. It uses three layered pieces of acrylic for the base. I really don’t know how well it would work, it was really more just to show one type of design. Like others said, it all really depends on what kind you want to make.



Thank you! I am just looking for a rectangle with rounded edges that can slide into a base. I am a teacher and would like something for my desk. I can probably figure it out if it can be designed in Powerpoint. I mainly use my Silhouette Cameo software.


Thank you! Just something simple in acrylic. I would like to insert it into a stand and most likely engraved.


Thank you Kittski. That is exactly what I am looking for. I think the slots are what is throwing me off. I want to make sure I get a perfect fit.


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Oh good, glad it can help. It’s industry standard for even the same sheet of acrylic to vary as much as 10% in thickness so to get a real tight fit you’ll have to use calipers to measure the exact thickness of the acrylic you have on hand. The slots in the file I made are .13 so it *should fit proofgrade acrylic. If your Silhouette software can open SVG files you can just right click on my file and save it so you can play around with it. Good luck!


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