Diamond Knurl pattern depth map


Here’s a tile-able pattern to create diamond knurling, might be nifty for a background to add a little texture in a 3D engraving. This is actually made from a 3D model, a background treatment used to add some interest to gold or silver jewelry pieces my dad makes.

My Glowforge, about a month in... went a little crazy!
Dispatches from the front (Pre-Release Report) - Dark Days Ahead

Do keep them coming! …(I won’t have to learn how to do this!) :grinning:


Laziness is catching you :sweat_smile:


I’m actually kind of tired these days for some reason. ROFL! :wink:


Another Glowforge baby coming? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Nooooo…i’d say it’s more of a coffee deficiency. :smile:

(They stopped manufacturing the kind that I like about a year or so ago and my frozen stockpile is now depleted. I has a sad.)

I need to find a replacement.


Thanks for posting this here! It’s awesome when people create designs and put them in this category so others can use them.




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