Discussion of the August 2017 update

I understand. Most of my experience this century has been in clean room manufacturing so not even a thought. I’ve also read that manufacturers are having problems recruiting and retaining assembly workers so there may be a balancing act in rules too. However, if Glowforge’s only assembly worries were a loose pendant in a unit there would be much rejoicing in Seattle.


Very true!
And I’m sure you’re right…if that were the only worries, they’d be happy. ha ha

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Im thinking he knew what he wanted to write, but had to meet with the folks at the factory, to confirm shipping (packaging qc) issues would be corrected so that the broken/missing issues would be addressed.

Just my thoughts. (i know i know … hopeless optimist)


I agree, great news on the safety regs. The news regarding the shields makes me want to order a filter now so I can take the machine to schools, craft fairs etc.


Captain! There’s Proofgrade up ahead closing at attack speed!

Shields up! Set Lasers to create!


I’m going to speculate the schedule is something like this:

July: Ramp up US Basic deliveries.
August: Ramp up US Pro deliveries, borrowing production from US Basics
Sept: Ramp up International Basic deliveries, borrowing production from US Basic/Pro units
Oct: Ramp up International Pro deliveries, borrowing production from US Basic/Pro & International Basics.

So if you have a International Basic coming, I suspect September will be a good month for you. Optimistically.

Has anyone calculated roughly what percentage of all crowdfunding orders the spreadsheet represents? Might give us a more accurate picture of the volume currently going out.

Though the “on schedule” news is good I won’t believe it until there is a working unit in my studio, period.

Notable omissions - Acknowledgement of units arriving damaged. International shipping plan. Both of those issues could add significant unanticipated delays.


Here’s why I feel the spreadsheet is a waste of emotional energy: You might get a very rough idea of where you are in order# position, but you have no idea how many people are US or International.

Because there’s a significant time difference between EU and US, you have no idea how many International orders are from the EU in, say, first day orders. Likewise, you have no idea how many International orders are from CA/MX. But regardless, the majority of the first few days of orders could be completely US citizens. So that messes up with any statistics you could hope to glean from the spreadsheet.


Well if it is they never managed to ramp up basic in July. They haven’t dispatched a lot of the fist day basic orders yet. They sent a wave of emails out but very few of those have dispatch emails yet.

Yes, well, they did say to allow 6 weeks for delivery. So 7 * 6 being = 42, and this being the 14th of August, I’d also be expecting an increase of exuberant posts from here on.


I am afraid I don’t share you optimism. I think towards the end of October they will announce another three month delay. I don’t expect to receive anything this year.


Fair enough. I’m not trying to curb your lack of enthusiasm. I’m just trying to opinionate on my interpretation of the differences between Dan’s Project Manager brain and his social PR brain. Not really trying to sway anyone.


That is your choice to believe, but if that is your decision, why even choose to keep your order?

This habit of taking numbers and mixing it with pessimistic perspective isn’t help anyone (in addition to it being propagated across multiple threads).

@dan has asked for constructive comments from you (to help improve the product and/or the company), not for propagating innuendo and what many have considered slander or character assault. If you don’t trust Dan and the Glowforge company, don’t buy the product.


Just my two cents: I’m not quite sure why it seems so strange to many on the forum to have faith in the product (which has been demonstrated to work beautifully, when delivered in good shape) and not have much faith in the communication of timelines and perhaps the current state of completion of advertised capabilities (which have been demonstrated to be what I would consider overly optimistic and not overly transparent).


I’ve been using it just as a check… Like “Oh… I see they made it out of the first day!” and eventually I’ll see “Oo… they got to orders made shortly before mine!” My order is near the end of October, it’s just nice to see some indication of progress in the shipping, but I’m not basing any guess on delays or what not on that. (I’m in the I’ll probably get my Basic pre-order campaing domestic shipping order before the end of October camp.) I know Flex can produce lots, I also haven’t seen enough evidence to make any sort of guess of if they are where they need to be to hit the goals. I don’t think anyone outside of the company (Flex, GF, or investors) has the info to make that guess.


I feel like a bowl of petunias here…


Funny how everyone reads it differently.
Like "No delay… huzzah!"
And I keep thinking “why is it a surprise that they said no delay?” They seem to always wait to the 11th hour to announce a delay and they ALWAYS say that the timeline is unchanged until then. No offense but many of these updates use a lot of words to say nothing at all.


As I see it, there’s two different types of people: Some people like to know details up front and manage their own optimism, feeling more in control if they came to their own conclusion. Some people like to read feel-good statements and have their optimism managed for them, feeling reassured by others.


Oh no, not again.


You are pretty funny.